Being a Mentor in the Imagine Cup

Editor’s note: The following post was written by Client Development MVP Bruno Sonnino

Being a mentor in the Imagine Cup

In July 2012, I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring Team Virtual Dreams, winner of the Windows 8 Metro Challenge and Azure Challenge on the Imagine Cup 2012, the Microsoft-sponsored technology world cup for students. As a Microsoft MVP, mentoring a finalist team is a unique experience. However, what is the Imagine Cup and what does it mean to mentor a team?

What is the Imagine Cup?

The Imagine Cup is a competition sponsored by Microsoft and it’s now in its 12th edition. It has many competitions, in the technological area: software development, IT and digital media (until 2011 there were video and photo competitions). Each year, there’s a citizenship theme, besides competitions for business innovation and game development. With this kind of theme, the competition stimulates the students to find solutions for many world problems: health care, education and environment are some of them.

The project must be developed by high school, college, grad or post-grad students. The students are completely responsible by their projects and they own their projects (Microsoft doesn’t own anything after the competition – many teams, after the competition, become new startups with great success in marketing their projects).  Click here to continue reading the full article

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