PowerShell Summit North America 2014

"All in all, one of the great strengths of PowerShell are our MVP's."

- Senior Programming Writer Ed Wilson


"The shell is incredibly deep and complex, and general conferences just can't explore the nooks and crannies," said PowerShell MVP Don Jones.  

With new features in PowerShell v4 like the PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC), MVP organizers saw the need to for a community event that covered specific functionality of the "deep and complex" nature of PowerShell.  Over a dozen MVPs participated and presented during the conference that saw nearly 200 participants in the sessions. 

"These types of events bring together experts in the field with those who are using the products on a regular basis," said PowerShell Senior Programming Manager Ed Wilson. "MVP's are crucial to the PowerShell team, and to Microsoft as a whole."

Everyone knows that MVPs are technofiles with their fingers on the pulse of innovation and new trends but what really sets them apart is their passion for community.  "The attendees usually do not have the chance to have a one on one with people like Jeffrey Snover and Lee Holmes," said MVP Teresa Wilson. "Even people like [MVPs] Don Jones, Jeff Hicks, Jason Helmick and so on, who are out teaching and presenting as part of their jobs."

When asked about the value of MVPs to the PowerShell team, Microsoft Program Manager John Slack didn't skip a beat, "MVPs create a direct line between the team and our customers, and have been critical to the success of PowerShell." 

Congratulations on a successful event and to each of the MVP participants and presenters!

Mike Pfeiffer - Exchange Server
Jim Christopher - PowerShell
Jason Helmick - PowerShell
Steven Murawski - PowerShell
Aleksandar Nikolic - PowerShell
Trevor Sullivan - PowerShell
Tome Tanasovski - PowerShell
Teresa Wilson - PowerShell
Sean Kearney - PowerShell
Don Jones - PowerShell
Adam Driscoll - PowerShell
Jeff Hicks - PowerShell
Richard Siddaway - PowerShell

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