Battle of the Lowlands

Two countries enter, only one is left standing.  

Belgium versus The Netherlands in a knock out, no holds barred, fight to the bitter end!

Well, not exactly.  The Battle of the Lowlands used code in place of combat, apps instead of artillery.  Participants worked alone or on teams to win achievements for their country based on the apps they were creating. Points were given for predefined goals such as including NFC, live tiles, using sensors, etc. At the end of the day, event organizers calculated the average number of achievement points per team.  The country with the highest average won bragging rights as the first ever winner of the Battle of the Lowlands. 

Belgian Client Development MVPs Glenn Versweyveld and Nico Vermeir came up with the idea of a hackathon that pitted the two countries against each other.  They reached out to Dutch Windows Phone Development MVPs Joost van Schaik and Tom Verhoeff and Hardware Interaction Design and Development MVP Dennis Vroegop to establish the rules of engagement for the battle.  A live video feed allowed both countries to keep a watchful eye on each other during the competition as participants tweeted photos of their efforts.

Windows Phone Development MVP Joost van Schaik created a video of the event, check it out!



Congratulation to the Dutch team on their win in the well fought Battle of the Lowlands!


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