MVPs Host Global Cloud OS Roadshows


The MVP Cloud OS Roadshow continues to inspire IT Professionals and Developers to explore the Cloud OS vision!

What started in the UK has grown to encompass more than 20 countries including Central and Eastern Europe, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and North America. Each MVP led event delivers a series of real-world scenarios that demonstrate how to integrate the Cloud OS into the constantly changing landscape of IT Professionals and Developers. 

MVPs continue to share their Cloud OS expertise and real world experience, helping businesses to think differently about their Cloud solutions.

"Cloud OS is a new adventure for everyone and as an MVP it’s really important to be able to share the vision with our fellow technical experts,” said System Center MVP Simon Skinner.

 Check out what's happening in each of these regions below!

-      United Kingdom and Ireland

-      Spain

-      Germany

-      The Netherlands

-      United States

-      Central and Eastern Europe

-      Canada

United Kingdom and Ireland

MVPs in the UK and Ireland hit the ground running and continue to lead the way in delivering Cloud OS content to their community. The first MVP Cloud OS community week was hosted at London and boasted 18 UK and Irish MVPs engaging with 450 IT Professionals and Developers in the region.

Shortly after the successful week at London, MVPs and the Cloud OS Community User Group produced the MVP Cloud OS Relay and hosted events in 9 different locations across the UK.

Cloud OS events in the UK and Ireland have been so popular that MVPs are bringing the roadshow to the community in the comfort of their own home.  On March 31, MVPs will launch a week of online sessions dedicated to educating the community about Cloud OS technology and integration.  Topics include:

  • Transform the Datacenter
  • Empower People Centric IT

Online sessions will be hosted throughout the week and participating MVPs will host a live Q&A to ensure that all of your questions are answered. You can sign up for these session here



The Canadian Cloud OS MVP Roadshow is coming off extremely successful events in Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal, and two more events are planned for April in Toronto and Ottawa. Nine Canadian MVPs have delivered content in the 5 city-tour, which is expected to reach over 350 IT Professionals and Developers.

 As one attendee put it: “I didn’t realize the capabilities of Windows Azure! This opens up options.”

Tremendous planning and execution from the following Canadian MVPs:


MVPs hosted events in Valladolid, Valencia and Murcia. The format of the sessions offered attendees a high level of technical content, along with hands-on demonstrations. 150 IT Professionals and Developers attended the events and more are planned.

Central and Eastern Europe

MVP Damir Dizdarevic travelled to Sarajevo and Belgrade to speak to nearly 200 attendees about our Cloud OS vision. Damir said, “So far this year I’ve delivered three Cloud OS Roadshow events, mostly focused on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Azure. Local community members in both Bosnia and Serbia paid huge interest to these events, so we organized repeated events to host all the people who wanted to come. Even now, dozens of people are on the waiting lists, so I sincerely hope I will be able to organize and deliver more Cloud OS events during the year. These events are a great idea for providing people with up-to-date information on Microsoft technologies and strategies.”


In Germany, 8 MVPs took to the stage at one of the biggest IT exhibitions (CeBIT) to deliver a number of outstanding sessions talking about our Cloud Solutions.  This activity was preceded by an ‘Insight into any data’ community meeting including 10 MVPs talking to 350 IT Professionals and Developers about SQL Server. 

An attendee to the event commented, “I think it´s important [to have this kind of event] as IT gets more and more complicated. The “community” character of the Roadshow is the most beneficial aspect to us participants, as in this way we get to know each other and talk about the problems that each of us is having with the products: they are similar, but not identical.”

See some of the German MVPs in action

United States

With a slew of events in North America, MVPs have been building Cloud OS roadshows from the ground up.  We had a chance to catch up with Directory Services MVPs Sean Deuby and Brian Desmond, here’s what they had to say about the roadshows.



Six MVPs worked diligently to provide answers, examples and enthusiasm during the Netherlands Cloud OS Roadshow. Topics of discussion ranged from “Extending Your Datacenter with Virtualization and Networking” to “Why Cloud Matters for Modern Business Applications. 

“I really value the knowledge that was shared by the MVPs….security and service delivery are really issues for my company,” commented one Cloud OS Roadshow attendee. 

More Cloud OS Roadshows are being planned across the globe.  MVPs were key in identifying the need for this type of community event. "For most IT professionals, relying on a single product discipline is becoming a thing of the past,” said SQL Server MVP Tony Rogerson.  “The economic reality over the past few years has meant more needs to be done by fewer people – never before has so much been done by so few for so many! The concept of a job role with SQL Server as a single discipline is becoming out dated, it’s all about Data Platform forming a polyglot across various technologies both database and product."

To see the global impact of the Cloud OS Roadshow community events, check out this article on the MVP Award website.

All upcoming MVP Cloud OS Roadshow events are listed below:

February 10-12 – SQL Server Konferenz 2014, Darmstadt, Germany
February 18 –
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

February 25 - Calgary, Canada

February 28 – Valencia, Spain
February – Valladolid
February – Belgrade
February – Sarajevo

March 3 - Munich, Germany

March 6 - Vancouver, Canada
March 7 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
March 7 –
Cologne, Germany
March 7 –
Copenhagen, Denmark
March 10-15 –
CeBIT, Hannover, Germany
March 14 –
Murcia, Spain
March 17 –
Gothenburg, Sweden
March 17 – Sarajevo
March 17-21 –
Cloud OS Online Week (UK/Ireland)
March 18 – Nigeria
March 18 – Kenya
March 18 –
Copenhagen, Denmark (2nd event)

March 20 - Montreal, Canada
March 24 – Aarhus, Denmark
March 28 –
Rome, Italy

April 2 –  
Helsinki, Finland

April 2 - Ottawa, Canada
April 3 –  
Milan, Italy

April 6 - Cote d´Ivoire
April 16 –
Warsaw, Poland

April 16 - Toronto, Canada
April 22 –
Madrid, Spain
April 28 – Edinburgh, UK
April 29 – Sunderland, UK
April 30 – Reading, UK
April TBD – Oslo, Norway

May 1 – Birmingham, UK
May 2 – London, UK
May 3 – Istanbul, Turkey
May 4 – Bradford/Leeds, UK


If you have any questions, please contact us on Twitter @MVPAward

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