MVP Xbox Conference – Remember Your NDA

Xbox MVPs from around the globe arrived on the Microsoft campus today to kick of the 2014 MVP Xbox Conference. 

For over 20 years, Microsoft teams have sat down with these technology and community leaders to provide MVPs visibility into early stage products and new releases giving MVPs the information they need to look forward in their work with community and to gain valuable community feedback to help make our products better.

Most MVPs have numerous communications with Microsoft product teams throughout their award year, but the hands-on experience and deep exchange of ideas at the Xbox Conference is something most members of the community—including Microsoft’s product teams—look forward to. To lay the groundwork for this relationship, all MVPs sign a non-disclosure agreement assuring they will not share any confidential information they may gain from Microsoft. Throughout the Xbox Conference MVPs hear the refrain, “Don’t forget your NDA!” since it’s essential to the dynamic exchange of ideas between the MVP community and Microsoft. In case MVPs need a reminder, Orrin the NDA Octopus has a message for them.

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