Top 5 MVP Monday Posts of 2013

1. Virtual Directories: Exchange 2013

By Exchange Server MVP Manu Philip

A virtual directory is used by Internet Information Services (IIS) to allow access to a web applications in Exchange 2013

Autodiscover Service, ECP, EWS, ActiveSync, OWA, OAB, Powershell are the available virtual directories through EAC.

You can manage a variety of virtual directory settings on Exchange 2013 including authentication, security, and reporting settings. I am explaining here, how you can manage the Virtual Directories through Exchange Admin Center. I have also included some example PowerShell cmdltes to show how to manage those resources: Click here to read the full post.

2. Windows Azure Service Bus Connection Quotas

By Microsoft Integration MVP Damir Dobric

In the era of devices and service Windows Azure Service Bus will play definitely a more important role. However the huge number of devices which can connect to the bus in a practical and hypothetical scenario might be an issue. Observing the huge number of connections is not an easy task and it can bring any technology to the limit.

Windows Azure Service Bus is designed to observe a huge number of connections. We know Service Bus provides the solution but in a typical scenario you cannot just simply connect millions of devices to it and expect that it just works. Fortunately for some specific scenarios there are solutions which just work out of the box. The good example is Service Bus Notification Hubs. Click here to read the full post. 

3. Introduction to C++ 11 in Visual Studio 2013

By Visual C++ MVP Alon Fliess

I just had a conversation with one of my colleagues. He told me “I have started looking at C++". "I didn’t realize that it is such a productive language”, he added. You see, my colleague is a gifted C# developer, and he knew that C++ is an "old" language that one uses to program Operating Systems, Drivers, High Performance algorithms, communicate with hardware devices and make your life interesting but also complicated. My friend was born the year that Bjarne Stroustrup invented C with Classes, the first name that he gave to C++, at AT&T Bell laboratories.

For a C# developer, C++, in many cases, is the legacy code that you need to interop with. For me and many other veteran developers, C++ is one of the sharpest tools in our toolbox. As a Windows developer, I tend to choose the right tool for the job, be it C++ native code, C# with .NET or even JavaScript. Click here to read the full post. 

4. Enhanced Presenter View in PowerPoint 2013

By PowerPoint MVP Geetesh Bajaj

Most presenters just cram their slides with text – you may have seen such slides often, characterized by so much text that they look like a Word document repurposed as a slide – or even worse, it may appear as someone just copied tons of data from an Excel sheet and put in on a single slide! Of course, each of the slides would receive awards for competing in a “Fill-up-your-slide” contest.

OK, there’s no such contest – yet there are entrants for such contests everywhere. So the question that needs to be asked is why do presenters assume that their slides need so much text? There are several answers – and most of these get repeated each time I ask this question in my training sessions: Click here to read the full post. 

5. Using SharePoint PropertyBag in the Context of Search

By SharePoint MVP Nicki Borell

The Property Bag is a “store” within SharePoint which can be used to places information’s and metadata. Property Bag is a hierarchical structure starting at farm level and goes down up to list level.  Microsoft itself uses the Property Bag to store configuration settings and information’s. For details see that msdn article: Managing SharePoint Configuration

For common information’s about the Property Bag please refer that msdn sites:

Click here to read the full post

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