MVP Developed Coloris App Shines in Windows Store

After attending a Windows 8 UX Design Camp in Japan, MVPs Yutaka Tsumori, Yu Mitsuba and Akira Hatsune discovered a need for customizable color options when creating Windows Store apps.  The MVP group wanted to increase the color functionality of backgrounds and buttons for developers in the Windows Store.
"I felt that color was a crucial element for well-balanced store app design," said Visual Basic MVP Akira Hatsune. "And there were few applications that deployed visually nice colors."
Enter Coloris.  A Windows Store app that enables users to more easily adjust in-app coloring and design.  Hatsune, who is no stranger to the Windows Store having developed 10 previous apps, collaborated with Client Development MVP Yu Mitsuba and Windows Embedded MVP Yutaka Tsumori to deliver Coloris to app creators.

At the November 2013 MVP Summit, Hatsune, Tsumori and Mitsuba took home the top prize during the MVP Showcase beating 41 other MVP entries.  "MVPs visited us and said, 'Yes! This is exactly what I needed!'" said Hatsune.  To see more from the MVP Showcase,click here

When asked about the MVP Award community and the advantages of being an MVP, Hatsune said, "For me, the Microsoft MVP community is a place where we can communicate with all the geeks around the world.  Being an MVP means having a strong pipeline with Microsoft developers and other excellent MVPs."

To download or discover more about Coloris, visit the Windows Store.  

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