MVP Showcase Goes Bigger

Over 40 MVPs will congregate in one room during the 2013 MVP Summit to share their passion, expertise and projects.  The MVP Showcase started last year and quickly became a favorite event among attendees.  This year, the showcase is bigger!  In addition to MVP participants, product teams and organizations like Visual Studio, Surface and Imagine Cup will stand along side MVPs at the Showcase to highlight the newest technologies, collaborations and global community projects.

"The MVP Showcase adds an additional layer of networking, collaboration and fun to the MVP Summit," says Community Program Manager and MVP Showcase organizer, Kari Finn.  "The response from last year was so overwhelming we knew it would be even bigger this year."

In this expo-type setting, each MVP, MVP team, product team or Microsoft organization will host a booth to demonstrate their work and speak with their peers.  Below is a complete list of MVP presenters, we hope you can join us!

MVP Showcase

Sunday, November 17


Grand Ballroom -

Bellevue Hyatt Regency Hotel


MVP Presenters (in alphabetical order):

Akira Hatsune, Developer Tools for Visual Basic MVP
Topic: coloris, a Windows Store App
Description:Learn how everyone can create good sense apps by setting beautiful color balance with a simple step. This application is especially useful for developers and designers who want to make their apps look better.

Dr. Alex Danilychev, Alex Juschin, Virtualization MVP and Remote Desktop Services MVP
Topic: Virtual Display Manager
Description:When physical monitors are just not enough, consider creating Virtual Displays with Virtual Display Manager. Perfect solution for a busy IT PRO or developer. Supports local and remote desktops.

Alon Fleiss and Pavel Yosifovitch, C++ MVP and C# MVP
Topic: OzCode for Visual Studio
Description:OzCode is a productivity tool that helps identify and fix bugs during C# debugging and saves time and effort and ensures that your debugging experience is effective.

Anthony van der Hoorn and Nik Molnar, ASP.NET MVPs
Topic: Glimpse for ASP.NET
Description:Checkout the latest happening with Glimpse for ASP.NET and what community up to. With OWIN, WebForms and MVC5 just scratching the surface.

Bill Wagner, Visual C# MVP
Topic: Humanitarian Toolbox
Description:Bring the people, build the tools & help the world! Learn how you can be a part of a team of community thought leaders that helps to build disaster response apps.

Christian Nagel, Visual C# MVP
Topic: Windows Store Apps: Menu Card & Book App
Description:Experience Windows Store business Apps, their usability and architecture using Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Christian Strevel, Client App Development MVP
Topic: AppFactory
Description:Create awesome apps that incorporate RSS, News, Images and Video without writing a single line of code for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 with an intuitive web platform! More than 1,500 apps created today!

Gianni Rosa Gallina and Beppe Platania, Windows Embedded MVPs
Topic: Sense3 : Innovative Digital Signage for Conferences
Description:Check out this next Gen Intelligent Digital Showroom innovation that employs a Kinect+Touch UI, is remote controllable in the cloud and is designed for conference events for people to watch videos, browse catalogues and play interactive min games.

Haifeng Liu, Guanjun.Hao and LiChen, ASP.NET and Windows Azure MVPs
Topic: ASP.NET Open-Source Website
Description:Learn more about how China’s largest .Net source code distribution site helps developers use and learn ASP.NET.

Ivan Toledo Ivanovic, Windows Phone Development MVP
Topic: VideoShare
Description:Check out this cool app that uses Proximity API to stream video between Windows Phone and Windows 8.

James Rowland Jones, Richard Fennell, Steve Spencer, Jen Stirrup, Simon Skinner, Steve Beaumont, Steve Spencer, Tony Rogerson, Chris Testa O'Neill, Richard Conway, Andy Cross, Andrew Westgarth, Aidan Finn, Damian Flynn, Windows Azure, ALM, Windows Server, System Center and SQL Server MVPs
Topic: MVP Cloud OS Week and Relay
Description:During this first of a kind event in the UK and across the world, more than 18 MVPs from the UK and Ireland delivered sessions that explain Microsoft’s Cloud OS story to IT Professionals and Developers. During the course of the week, MVPs talked about data insights, transforming the datacentre, the hybrid organisation, enabling modern apps and people centric IT to over 400 attendees.

Jason Lee and Walter Wong, Visual Basic and Developer Security MVPs
Topic: Taiwan Community Rising Stars and MVP APPs Development
Description:Learn more about the events and activities where Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps are developed by MVPs and Community Rising Stars.

Jeff Arnett, Windows Embedded MVP
Topic: High volume digital oscilloscopes running Windows CE
Description:Agilent Technologies’ next generation high volume portable oscilloscopes are meeting industry needs for performance, reliability, and flexibility by leveraging Windows CE, CF.NET & MFC. See an automated demo of over a million trace points per second on this oscilloscope while also exhibiting a modern look and feel and intuitive user interface all based on Windows CE.

Jeff Guillet, Exchange Server MVP
Topic: Build Your Own Private Cloud
Description:Nothing advances your technical understanding like hands-on experience. Build your own super-fast Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V server for about $1,000 USD!

Jeff Paries, Client Development MVP
Topic: DADO
Description:See how Microsoft technologies are working with the Internet of Things.

Joost van Schaik, Tom Verhoeff, Rodolpho Marques Do Carmo and Matteo Pagani, Windows Phone Development MVPs
Topic: Windows Phone Week
Description:Some guys and a crazy idea: an accidental global event about Windows Phone!

Joshua Blake, Kinect for Windows MVP
Topic: Real World Kinect apps
Description:Check out real Kinect for Windows applications and learn how Kinect is being used to solve real-world problems today.

Ken “The Hoff” Lasko, Lync MVP
Topic: Lync Dialing Rule Optimizer
Description:Learn how this free web-based tool can drastically simplify the task of implementing Lync Enterprise Voice dialplans, voice policies, routes and usages.

Kendra Little, Jeremiah Peschka, and Jes Schultz Borland, SQL Server MVPs
Topic: sp_Blitz™ Windows App
Description:Learn how we help SQL Server users worldwide quickly diagnose and fix SQL Server problems with a free ClickOnce Windows desktop app!

Kinfey Lo, Client App Development MVP
Topic: Ebooks in Education Windows 8 App
Description:Learn more about the app that deploys educational content across platforms and devices and is now considered China’s best mobile learning solution.

Lars Keller (@larskeller), VSTO MVP
Topic: Mobile Incident Manager: a SCSM Service Excellence with Windows 8 App
Description:Learn how this Windows 8 App for the Microsoft System Center Service Manager reduces traveling and logistical inefficiencies of the field service support employee, allowing them to spend more time on resolving incidents.

Lorenzo Maiorfi and Mirco Vanini, Windows Embedded MVPs
Topic: Build a Smart Home System (and Smart Factory, too) with Microsoft Embedded Technologies
Description:Let’s take a look to a reference IoT/M2M application driving both smart home devices (through Z-Wave) and industrial appliances (through ZigBee and ISM).

Mathias Brandewinder, Tomas Petricek, and Ryan Riley, Visual F# MVPs
Topic: VegaHub, Needle and Charon
Description:Building an open source, integrated tool chain for interactive Data Science and Machine Learning in F#.

Mayur Tendulkar, Windows Phone Development MVP
Topic: Experts Connection: A Windows Phone App to locate MVPs nearby
Description:Traveling to new city? Share passion about technology? Want to discuss technology over coffee/beer or need help about Windows? There is a chance that you’re near a Microsoft MVP. Find your MVP friends right on your device.

Michael L Perry, Client App Development MVP
Topic: Correspondence Occasionally-Connected Client Framework
Description:Sync in real-time while online. Queue changes locally while offline. This open-source framework makes it easy to collaborate and share across all .NET mobile device platforms.

Michael Samarin, Client App Development MVP
Topic: Windows Phone Imaging and Camera capabilities
Description:Learn about Nokia Imaging SDK, working with image processing, custom filters, camera, hi-res images and optimizing apps for 1080p devices.

Mikael Nystrom and Johan Arwidmark, SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) and Enterprise Client MVPs
Topic: Build an entire WS/SC infrastructure faster than ever before
Description:Learn how to build an entire lab, test, Poc and production environment using hydration, a form of super automated solutions that are driven by simple tools like PowerShell and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

Mike Halsey, Windows Expert Consumer MVP
Topic: Consumer Video Production
Description:Reaching out to wider communities. Learn how to make professional quality tutorial videos and presentations with an introduction to the tools of the trade.

Morten Nielsen, Silverlight MVP
Topic: ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET
Description:See how you can build advanced 2D and 3D map apps and do GIS analytics in Windows Phone, Windows Store and WPF using XAML and .NET.

Peggy Reuter-Heinrich, Client App Development MVP
Topic: MVP Central
Description:Check out the Windows 8.1 app for German speaking MVPs that displays MVP skills, an MVP wall of fame, a presentation of the single MVP with full information, a description of the program and how to be an MVP, the MPV twitter channel and a picture of our MVP locator.

Peisheng Chen, Visual C++ MVP
Topic: Colored Fish Tank, a Chinese Windows Phone 8 Game
Description:Check out this classic game of elimination that’s easy to play, fun to look at and perfect to pass the time.

Rodrigo Díaz Concha, Silverlight MVP
Topic: Windows Phone 8 Online Diploma Training and MVA Content
Description:Check out the training material for Windows Phone 8 development for the Latin American Windows Phone 8 Online Diploma Course, with more than 10,000 people registered.

Rudy Huyn, Windows Phone Development MVP
Topic: Giant wall of Windows Phones
Description:Learn about how we get the world record of the biggest number of connected and synchronized phones. See 200 windows phone connected and synchronized together driven by another windows phone displaying a giant map!

Samuel Blanchard, Windows Phone Development MVP
Topic: The World of Emulation on Windows Phone
Description:If you are fan of retro-gaming, come see Samuel talk about emulation and 8bits games ! He Is the author of PurpleCherry, a Gameboy emulator on WindowsPhone, and is responsible of the port of many others. 8bits power!

Shaun Walker, ASP.NET MVP
Topic: DNN
Description:Learn about the largest open source project native to the Microsoft platform that makes designing, building and managing feature-rich sites and communities fast, easy and cost-effective.

Shehap El-Nagar, SQL Server MVP
Topic: SQL Server Performance Tuning, Community and its SQL Server 2014 blogs
Description:Learn more about the biggest SQL Server Community in the Middle East, with 4,500 members , 1K Facebook followers, 150 blogs and a YouTube channel.

SungHo You, Visual C# MVP
Topic: WatchDoing: a Remote Screen Monitoring System
Description:Learn more about this new conceptual remote screen monitoring service that allows you to view real time activity anytime and anywhere using a PC webcam, a smartphone camera, or CCTV.

Zoiner Tejada and Michele Leroux Bustamante, Windows Azure MVPs
Topic: n2y: Apps for education
Description: Learn about a new cloud-based platform for the creation and publishing of interactive, symbolated, speaking documents, for education.

Xiaoming Jia, ASP.NET/IIS MVP

Topic: LADNS - A Lightweight Location Aware DNS Server

Description: Learn more about this lightweight DNS server that can accelerate your website/server based on your user's location. If you have multiple network
links served by different ISPs and you want to
resolve your website with different IP addresses based on your users location, you can
take the advantage of this lightweight but powerful
DNS (LADNS) Server.




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