MVP Featured Apps: BoardConnect and SilverHD

ASP.NET/IIS MVP Damir Tomicic has worked on two new applications. With his company, Axinom, he supported Lufthansa Systems to build a new inflight entertainment system called, BoardConnect

BoardConnect is unique in that it doesn’t require wiring for each site, but works with a WLAN based on WiFi.  So only a few access points are needed to provide content to passengers.  Many airlines have already expressed interest in this new technology. 

He also worked on a cloud-based solution for video providers titled SilverHD, with a DRM solution for content protection and VoD for video on demand providers. 

He’s excited for the future of the new technologies he’s working on, explaining, “This is the most exciting time I experienced in my business life to date. New Cloud based technologies open a door to a tremendous potential for new application approaches and business models we never thought about in the past. And we’re just at the beginning of it.. The only issue with this opportunity is - we’re are all new in this space it is essential for me to understand the possibilities and to explore new technologies even before they are brought to the market.”

Damir explains how the MVP program helped him with building these apps:

“As a member of the MVP program I was able to get in touch directly with the Microsoft product groups in Redmond, ask my questions, learn about their plans for the future and discuss it with other MVPs. Furthermore they provided me with access to early adopter programs and guided me through the initial development issues. Based on my comprehensive experiences and discussions with the product groups we selected Windows Azure Cloud and worked closely with Microsoft to create a set of Media Services on top of it – for DRM, asset management and content delivery – based on ASP.NET. This experience also helped our customers to build great projects on top of this portfolio.”

“I feel being really privileged to be a part of the MVP program. The benefits provided with the program helped me and my company in a significant way to become much more competitive and innovative in our industry segment.”

“I’m more than happy to share my knowledge and experience with the developer community and help others get on track in the same way we did.”

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