MVP Featured App: TFS Agile Poker

Visual Studio ALM MVP Mike Douglas has released a new app, TFS Agile Poker, to the Windows 8 Store.  TFS Agile Poker is a free cross platform tool for distributed and co-located teams to point your Team Foundation Server backlog. TFS Agile Poker can be used with Team Foundation Service or your On-Premises Team Foundation Server 2010 or 2012 installation using the TFS OData Services.   Features include estimate effort for product backlogs, communications with TF Service and on-premises TFS Server, support for multiple connections, the ability to use Agile and Scrum templates and to invite other users by email. 

He plans to create a mobile web version, as well as native versions for Windows Phone 8 and other mobile platforms, later this year.  

Mike explains his inspiration for creating TFS Agile Poker:

“The idea for my application came from the a need that I saw for distributed teams that were trying to point stories in a TFS backlog.  I was working with two teams.  One is co-located where it was easy to use card/fingers to point.  The other team is distributed across the country and there isn’t a good way to do this with a TFS backlog over the phone.   With a passion around extending TFS and helping others in ALM, I was excited to build TFS Agile Poker and improve my knowledge about mobile development in the process.”

“The MVP community was instrumental in the process.  I was able to demo it to the group of ALM MVPs at the last MVP summit and provide an early version to the ALM Rangers.  Both provided some valuable feedback.”

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