MVP Featured App: Video Training Windows 8

Windows Expert Consumer MVP Michel Martin has released a Windows 8 app entitled “Video Training Windows 8,” a set of video tutorials on Windows 8.

He was inspired to create this app in response to frequently asked questions from his students in the classroom.


“My app "Video Training Windows 8" is a global answer to my students.  When teaching Windows 8, the same questions are asked again and again. That gave me inspiration to create a new app, answering all those questions in short videos, easy to understand and easy to reproduce. That's how I started creating apps for Windows 8. At the moment, 16 of my apps are available in the Store and I have 8 new apps almost ready to release.”

In regards to his MVP experience, he stated, “I've been a happy Windows Consumer Expert MVP for 9 years. Every year, it's great to meet my peers at Seattle and network with them on Windows. Hope to be a MVP for ten more years!”




If you were a Windows 7, Vista or XP user, this app will show you everything you need to know in order to use Windows 8 efficiently. Discover Modern UI, the new Windows 8 interface, talismans, touch gestures and keyboard shortcuts you need to know. Learn to juggle effectively between Modern UI and the desktop, to reorganize the Start Screen, to install new apps, to synchronize your data via SkyDrive and many other things. Two versions of Internet Explorer are included in Windows 8. Discover and learn their characteristics in order to get the maximum use from both of them. Learn to use Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and VLC to effectively assist Windows when dealing with multimedia. Finally, learn Windows 8 advanced features: history files, libraries, updating and resetting a computer, etc.



Michel Martin is a French Windows Expert Consumer MVP since 2004, author of more than 300 paper books, essentially on Microsoft technologies, owner of Mediaforma, a French Video Training blog and publishing center, teacher on Web 2.0 technologies, and author of many Windows 8 apps both in French and English.

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  1. Patrice BONNEFOY says:

    Very good job Michel 😉

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