Using LyncServer 2013 Calling Number Translation Rules to Change Display Number

Editor’s Note: In partnership with Microsoft Press, MVPs have been contributing to an ongoing guest series on their official team blog. Today’s article is from Lync MVP Ståle Hansen which is the 25rd in the series.

Using Lync Server 2013 calling number translation rules to change display number

A new feature for Enterprise Voice in Lync Server 2013 is to change the display number for users when they dial out. This could be useful in several scenarios:

·         When you do not have enough numbers on the trunk for all your users

·         When users do not want to show their Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number

·         When a group of people want to show their call center or switchboard number

About the feature

This feature is configured on the trunk that can be found in the Lync control panel under Voice Routing -> Trunk Configuration -><Site Trunk or Pool Trunk>. At the bottom of your trunk configuration page you have two options

·         Calling number translation rules

o  It is here you can change the number displayed for a specific DID number or number series

·         Called number translation rules

o  This will manipulate the number you have called so it will be received correct on the other side by the trunk

o  You can change the format of the number like removing + or add a zero


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About the author


Ståle Hansen is a Lync Technical Evangelist at Atea, Norway. He spends most of his time with Proof of Concept deployments, talking with customers and helping them adopt and implement the latest technology.


He is an avid speaker at both internal and public seminars, maintains the blog, contributes to The UC Architects Podcast and co-authors a Lync Master Class


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