Korea MVP Open Days Event a Success

Editor’s note:  The following post was written by Community Program Manager So Young Lee

The University of Seoul was home to 78 MVPs during a two-day event in which 12 MVPs received the 2012 Korean MVP Contribution Award.  The Korean Open Days event started off with a knowledge donation seminar presented by 9 MVPs at which university students, IT professionals, NGO group members and others were able to learn more about a variety of Microsoft technologies, including the newly released Windows 8. 

“The MVP sessions were so well prepared.  We hope to have follow-up sessions,” said University Computer Center CIO Seongjong Choi.

clip_image032MVPs participated in a variety of panel discussions and presentations covering topics such as “Windows 8 Game Development,” “Experiencing Windows 8,” and “Kinect Programming Using Motion and Voice.”

After the seminar & award ceremony, MVPs moved to the SongAm Space Center to enjoy the beautiful scenery, stars and to get a better glimpse of Jupiter.

MVP APGC Regional Manager, Katherine Hung held a brown bag session for 50 Korean Microsoft Employees to discuss the MVP Award program and how product groups and other organizations can leverage MVPs’ knowledge, passion and community involvement. clip_image040
Proceeding the brown bag session, PowerPoint MVPs provided a seminar for Microsoft Korean employees on the design and functionality of PowerPoint.

“I feel so lucky to be part of the Korea MVP group. I live in Japan but I’ll come to the Korean MVP Open Day every year. I’ll never forget this moment,” said newly awarded C# MVP Jiman Ko.


The Korean MVP Open Day event was lauded as a great success do in part to the many volunteer hours MVPs contributed to make the event unique and informative.  “With your never-ending support, Microsoft Korea will continue to strive for a sound development of the IT industry.” said Korea GM JamesKim.






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