Windows 8 – An MVP Roundup

Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the new Surface have all hit stores across the globe and MVPs have been busy blogging, presenting and reviewing Microsoft’s newest technologies.  Take a look at all of the contributions MVPs have made in their communities around the globe!


vietnam win8Windows Expert-IT Pro MVP Thinh Huynh was invited by the Telecommunications Institute of Technology to introduce 180 university students to Windows 8.  Huynh provided an overview of Windows 8 including new features, programming and deployment in the new operating system. 



United States

nate win8In Wisconsin, Virtual Machine MVP Nate Lasnoski shared his expertise with 400 attendees at a free event held on September 13.  The Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 - What You Need to Know presentation covered Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Office and Lync 2013.  Each attendee was entered to win a free Surface.  “With Windows 8 and new cloud-based services, the Microsoft landscape is changing. We want to share what IT departments need to know now, as they plan their technology roadmap for the next 24 to 36 monthss”  said Lasnoski.




MVPs have been busy writing reviews of Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface.  Here’s a list of a few reviews:

Read Client App Dev MVP Thomas Lebrun's review of Windows 8

Read Microsoft Integration MVP Maxime Labelle's review of Surface

Read Silverlight MVP Olivier Dahan's review of Surface

Read Windows Phone Development MVP Rudy Huyn's review of Windows Phone 8

Read Silverlight MVP Eric Ambrosi's review of Windows Phone 8


brazil win8

During a closed launch event, 32 MVPs helped the Microsoft team in answering Windows 8 questions to a select group of media, hardware producers, retail stores and target consumers. The exhibit hall boasted over 50 different devices and MVPs were key in demonstrating the facets of Windows 8 across a variety of devices. During the presentation, a top Brazilian Windows 8 app created by Visual C# MVP André Carlucci was highlighted.




Forefront MVP Andres Galván is a security expert and passionate about Microsoft technologies.  When Windows 8 launched, Galván was quick to offer webcasts, demos and online discussions that focused on security aspects of Windows 8.  You can see some of Galván’s contributions here.


Phone Dev MVP Nick Randolph, in collaboration with Charles Sturt University, designed a free online course to coincide with the release of Windows Phone 8.  The short online course focuses on developing Windows Phone 8 applications and partially prepares participants what are taking the Microsoft certification exam 70-599: PRO.

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  1. Nathan Lasnoski says:

    Just a note that the Wisconsin event also included MVP Shannon Fritz

  2. Nathan Lasnoski says:

    Just a note that the Wisconsin event also included MVP Shannon Fritz

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