BUILD 2012– MVPs Recap

The 2012 BUILD conference has come to an end.  If you missed the event, you can watch selected featured sessions or if you attended BUILD 2012, you can evaluate the sessions you attended. 

C# MVP Chris Woodruff posted the following from his blog:

The keynotes for BUILD were also a sign of things to come. Steve Ballmer kicked things off and did most of the demos during the first day of the BUILD keynotes solo. It was a daring and exciting move for the Microsoft CEO to not only sit up on stage with so many Windows 8 and RT devices but he actually used his personal Microsoft account to demo the features and capabilities of the next flagship OS from Microsoft. I was surprised at the passion and enthusiasm Ballmer had while demoing and it really got the crowd going. He even joked around a little and made fun of himself which you always like to see from the CEO of such a large company. In addition to a great keynote, Microsoft also announced that each attendee to BUILD would receive 100Gb of SkyDrive space, a 32Gb Surface and a Nokia Lumia 920 developer phone (unlocked and build for most carrier SIM cards).

The second day of BUILD started with keynotes from the services side of the Windows 8… the other huge bet Microsoft has made in the last 4 years: Windows Azure. The highlight of the keynote was the announcement that Windows Azure Mobile Services would be opened up for use in Windows Phone 8. That along with other new features and updates to Azure for web developers and IT Pros made this keynote stand out. Nothing as exciting as the first day but still a great message.  To read more, click here.

Windows Azure MVP David Pallmann wrote the following on his blog:

A Year Has Passed... Did Microsoft Deliver?

You bet Microsoft delivered. If you attended or watched BUILD 2012 online you should have no doubt of that whatsoever. In case you missed it, I strongly recommend watching the following at before reading further:

Day 1 Keynote by Steve Ballmer, Steve Guggenheimer, Kevin Gallo
Day 2 Keynote by Satya Nadella, Scott Guthrie, Scott Hanselman, Dave Campbell, Jason Zander, Josh Twist
Day 3 Web Talk by Scott Hanselman

Here's how the vision and promises of BUILD 2011 have become a reality. Microsoft not only delivered on their promises, they gave us even more.

Windows 8, The Cross-Over Operating System

Windows 8 has been available in some form for the last year in a variety of preview releases, but it was released for General Availability on October 26. So it's real, it's here, you can have it now.  To read more, click here

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