Announcing the Microsoft Community Video Tips Sweepstakes Winners!

The community came out to celebrate all the ways that current Microsoft consumer products, apps and features solve people’s real world needs! We received hundreds of video tips from community members across the globe and across four languages! Your video tips are out there now, helping people understand how to use desktop features in Windows 7, how to be the best at Excel, how to share online with and SkyDrive and so much more!

Sharing your expertise and insight with the community has never been more exciting than through video tips! More and more people are using video as a channel to get technical education and share the ways they use technology to make their lives easier and more productive! Through video, people can see the user scenarios and follow along with the real time experience. People can get more from the personalities and creative video makers that invest their time, energy and passion through video tips!

For participating countries, a random winner was selected based on the number of their submitted video tips. We are pleased to announce the grand prize winners are:

Microsoft Community Video Tips sweepstakes winners!

Canada -     Domenic Tamburino      


See more Microsoft video tips from Dom at the ExcelDom22YouTube channel!

Taiwan -      Chih-Hsin Ou                  


See more Microsoft video tips from Chi-Hsin at the 志信歐 YouTube channel!


USA -          Bill Jelen                          


See more Microsoft video tips from Bill at the BJele123 YouTube channel!

FromMicrosoft’s Most Value Professional Award program, we thank you all for your participated in sharing their Microsoft video tips with us and with the wide world of Microsoft users! You can watch submitted video tips on the MVP programs Microsoft Community Video Tips playlists page!

Questions? Please review the official rules by country or email

Official rules for the USA

Official rules for Canada

Official rules for Taiwan

See the Microsoft Community Video Tips Sweepstakes winners list!

Thanks everyone!

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