Friday Five for June 22, 2012


1. jQuery and Clicking an ASP.NET Linkbutton

By Visual C# MVP Michael Sellers

This post is going to cover one common scenario that will impact users that might be using DotNetNuke common styles or working to create their own custom button styles.

2. Evolution of the Windows Phone

By Device Application Development MVP Alexander Viken - @AlexanderViken

This article covers the evolution of the Windows Phone

3. When Twitter Is Down Where Do You Go?

By Windows Expert Consumer MVP Richard Hay - @WinObs

This article shares the frustrations of Twitter outages

4. The Dew Review – DevExpress DXv2 WPF 2012.1

By Visual C# MVP Alvin Ashcraft - @alvinashcraft

Discusses beta release of the WPF controls coming in the exciting new 2012.1 release of DevExpress DXv2

5. Set ASP.NET Label text with Javascript

By  Visual C# MVP Ming Man Chan

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