MVP–Friday Five June 8, 2012

  1. Force Metro App Update Check in Windows 8 Release Preview Windows Store

By Windows Expert – Consumer MVP Richard Hay -@WinObs

This article covers how the Windows Store periodically checks for updates to any Metro Apps you have installed on your system but there maybe times that you would rather get the update a little quicker.

2. The 600 Million Windows 7 Mark

By Windows Expert – Consumer MVP Mike Halsey - @halseymike

This article details the popularity of Windows 7

3. Display tips in a status bar instead of a tooltip in C#

By Visual Basic MVP Rod Stephens

This article covers the methods for providing hints in a status bar instead of a tooltip in C#

4. Microsoft Silverlight 5 and Windows Azure Enterprise Integration

By Windows Azure MVP Neil Mackenzie - @mknz

This article includes reading materials on Windows Azure and Silverlight 5

5. Canadians at TechEd 2012! Join us for a drink, Eh?

By Windows Expert IT Pro MVP Mitch Garvis - @MGarvis

Calling all Canadians going to TechEd 2012

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