Talking Cloud Tuesday with Windows Azure MVP Ming Chung Chu


1. How long have you been an MVP?

I have been an MVP for 9 years (2004-2012)

2. How did you first start in community?

My community experience started with the Programmer-Club managing “Training and Certification” and “.NET group” forums at 2001. In 2003, I joined the Microsoft online community newsgroups to answer questions about .NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Web Service, SQL Server, Windows Server etc. I was awarded as an MVP for the first time in SQL Server in October 2003. Currently, I am a Windows Azure MVP.

3. Which technical community or communities are you most active in (where can people find you)? Provide links if necessary

MSDN and TechNet Forum, and my blog:

4. What’s the best technical tip you have today for implementing a cloud deployment?

A Cloud solution is different to an on-premise solutions with high availability, state management, storage and deployment strategy. Good design of solution architectures and plans is very important for Cloud solution deployment.

5. When considering using the Cloud, what do you tell people if they aren’t sure about moving to the Cloud?

The Cloud environment is highly useful, extensive and low cost. Enterprise resources could be provided by the Cloud which is suitable for newly founded companies or organizations that do not need an IT team.

6. Do you have a blog/website link to Cloud related Tips or deployment stories you would like to share?


7. Speaking from your experience, what words of advice do you have for new MVPs?

Enjoying sharing knowledge will bring happiness and richness.

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