MVP Friday Five: June 1, 2012

  1. SDK 1.5 is Out

By Dynamics MVP Jivtesh  - @jivtesh

This article covers the v1.5 release of SDK.

2.  Learn About Windows Azure and Chat with Experts, June 7th.

By Windows Azure MVP Michael Wood – @mikewo

This article details an upcoming event which discusses what’s up and coming with Windows Azure.

3. The Great Ecosystem of the Open Data Protocol (OData)

By Data Platform Development MVP Chris Woodruff – @cwoodruff

This article gives a description of the Odata ecosystem that has risen over the last few years around this protocol and technology.

4. Give me some Features… (Site creation troubles, missing features, SharePoint localization, Routing Workflows and other bad jokes)

By Sharepoint MVP Adis Jugo – @adisjugo

This article helps with troubleshooting problems stemming from the transfer of site definition from one server to another.

5. Getting Started with CSS Media Queries

By Silverlight MVP Dan Wahlin – @danwahlin

This article discusses how CSS media types such as "print", backgrounds, navigation bars, and other items can be hidden as a user prints which makes the printed page look much more readable.

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