Talking Cloud Tuesday with ASP.NET MVP Benjamin Soulier



How long have you been an MVP?

1 year

How did you first start in community?

Have been working on MS technologies for 12 years

Which technical community or communities are you most active in (where can people find you)? Provide links if necessary

Personal Blog:

Twitter: @bsoulier

What’s the best technical tip you have today for implementing a cloud deployment?

Building an STS (Secure Token Service) in the cloud and using it with Access Control Service (article series, 2 out of 4 written already)

When considering using the cloud, what do you tell people if they aren’t sure about moving to the cloud?

Cloud is the next big thing for exposing and scaling services over to other companies and to the web; the move is now so don’t miss it.

Do you have a blog/website link to Cloud related Tips or deployment stories you would like to share? contains all of my Azure related posts

Speaking from your experience, what words of advice do you have for new MVPs?

MVP is all about loving technology and sharing this enthusiasm, do go ahead and share!

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