MVP Friday Five: May 11, 2012

Recently, we’ve highlighted quite a number of blog posts from MVPs within the Americas, so we thought this week might be a great time to highlight some of the great insight offered by our MVPs from around the world.


1. Preserving Input Sequence Order when Aggregating Debatched Messages

By BizTalk MVP Maxime Labelle

Maxime walks us through the steps for maintaining a sequence order when aggregating debatched messages within BizTalk.


2. How to Access the Input Control’s Data at Server Side During Client Callback : A Useful Trick

By ASP.NET/IIS.NET MVP Brij Mishra | @brij_bhushan

Brij shows us how to best leverage client callback in accessing the input control's data server side.


3. How to add Web Service in VS 11

By Visual C# MVP Ming Man Chan

The .NET 4.5 framework does not have a web service template.  Ming shows us how to gain access to this in his video post.


4. Order of Evaluation in CALCULATE Parameters

By SQL Server MVP Marco Russo | @marcorus

DAX is the new language used by PowerPoint and Analysis Services and contains the functions known as CALCULATE and CALCULATETABLE.  Marco shows us how to master these powerful functions.

5. Retrieving Old File Versions Through Code

By SharePoint Server MVP Adis Jugo | @adisjugo

Adis shows us how to retrieve old file versions using just a little coding.

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