Talking Cloud with Windows Azure MVP Magnus Martensson

Windows Azure MVP Magnus Martensson

From: Sweden

Time as an MVP: 2 months

Blog: Magnus Martensson


Which technical communities are you most active in?

In forums I could certainly become more active. My BIG passion is to actually meet people and make them as excited and passionate about the greatest job in the world as I am! (Lowly Stackoverflow profile)

Then you need a great blog to share your thoughts and code samples. It does not hurt to make it very professional:


How did you first start in community?

Sharing knowledge and a passion for technology was the obvious way into communities’ years ago. Today, I am one of the driving forces behind both Swedish .NET User Group (Swenug) and Swedish Windows Azure Group (SWAG). I started with the goal to share and my attitude has always been to give away my current knowledge as a guarantee that I will gain new knowledge in the process.


What's the best technical tip you have for implementing Cloud deployment?

Without doubt it is to design for Windows Azure in your applications but to add a layer of abstraction to shield your code from the Windows Azure dependency. The reason we do this is to make sure your code runs on a standard server environment and/or on a build server but more importantly from a unit test! The same SOLID principles of good design apply to Windows Azure as they do in all other code projects. We must never forget this!


What do you tell people who are considering using the Cloud, but aren't sure about making the move?

First of all we are all going to wind up there in the end. It will all be the Cloud. It may be that it is not a public cloud in all situations but all IT will be as a Service. IT will be a utility and the paradigm change how we think about our applications is an imminent reality. Let’s pretend without really knowing that this is the real reality for us down the line: Wouldn’t you rather get going now when there is potential to take advantage of the frontier spirit out there in the Clouds rather than being one of the stragglers that come in late to the party and miss out on all the opportunities!? There are stakes to be claimed in the Cloud now – get going!

Secondly, the Cloud is the most exciting and empowering change I have ever seen in our industry yet and I have never had so much fun as when I’ve worked with the Cloud! IT becomes so much easier on PaaS!

I’ve also written about how Find a Cloud you don’t have to pull the virtual cord form on my blog.


Do you have a blog/website link to Cloud related Tips or deployment stories you would like to share?

I share knowledge and code through my OSS project Azure Contrib. This code is available as Nugets. I find that the best way to relate to code today is to extract general (reusable) pieces of functionality and put them out there on the blog but also as OSS through CodePlex and as Nugets.


What words of advice do you have for new MVPs?

If you are already an MVP you’ve been through the same thing I have, but I would advise any new MVP to continuously build on the professionalism of a public profile. Today I have my ego site my Facebook Business Person page and my twitter account as my most used channels of interaction with communities, clients and fans.

Also, professionally approach the whole public presentation gambit. I have a professional network here in Sweden organized by Microsoft Sweden, called MEET – Microsoft Extended Expert Team, which is a network of “the usual suspects” whom always show up at all the Microsoft events and speak. A great way for Microsoft to be able to give back to us enthusiastic and frequent speakers and a much appreciated initiative from us in the network. The activities are professional speaker, presenter, theatrical and pedagogic coaches etc. Be professional, improve, evolve, hire professional coaches who train speakers for a living!

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