MVP Friday Five: February 24, 2012

Thanks for tuning in for this week’s MVP Friday Five! There is a lot of excitement happening around the 2012 MVP Global Summit that is happening next week, but we still want to take the time to highlight some of the great technical content that MVPs are providing through their blogs. This week’s articles are no different from previous weeks- they are packed full of MVP expert knowledge!

Next week we’ll be looking for blogs stories from MVPs who are attending covering their experiences meeting and learning from other MVPs. If you plan on writing about your experiences at this year’s summit, please leave your blog Url in the comments section below!


1.  Node.js, Windows Azure (and

By Windows Azure MVP Neil Mackenzie | @mknz

This post by Neil is a brief introduction to Node.js and, focused on the implementation of Node.js inside the Windows Azure environment.


2.  Find the jQuery Bug #4: Animations Gone Wild

By ASP.NET/IIS MVP Elijah Manor | @elijahmanor

This is the fourth post in a series by Elijah in which he showcases a snippet of buggy jQuery code that you might encounter, explains what the problem is, and then identifies how you can easily resolve the issue.


3. C# + ReSharper = Awesome: Tip #10 of 10 – Generate Equality Members

By Visual C# MVP Alvin Ashcraft | @alvinashcraft

This is the tenth and final post in Alvin’s series of quick how-to articles on ReSharper. This post covers how ReSharper can quickly generate the necessary method implementations for you if you are creating a class that will need to participate in equality operations.


4. Generics: The Better Method Match

By Visual C# MVP Bill Wagner

In this post Bill tries to help clear up confusion on the topic of “Generics: the better method match” by posting the rules and reason behind the rules for the topic.


5. Using Data Annotations in the .NET Framework

By MVP ASP.NET/IIS MVP Jason Gaylord | @jgaylord

Jason talks about how a developer can use a data annotation on a property to force data validations when starting with .NET or MVC3.


If you’re an MVP and would like your blog posts considered for our MVP Friday Five, please reach out to your MVP Lead or provide your URL in the comments section below!

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