MVP Friday Five: February 10, 2012

We have a great MVP Friday Five in store for you today! We’ve selected some expert technical content in the five articles we’ve chosen this week. As always, these articles are filled with how-to’s, step by step instruction, and expert tips that MVPs are known for.


1.  A Custom High-Availability Cache Solution

By Windows Azure MVP Brent Stineman | @BrentCodeMonkey

Brent walks you through his approach to solve a business need for an easy to manage session state service that is highly available, low latency, but not persistent With small session caches, but a high end user load.


2.  Transitioning Between Sprints/Iterations with TFS

By Visual C# MVP Mark Michaelis | @MarkMichaelis

Mark walks you through the steps to eliminate the step of modifying all “current sprint” queries when transitioning from one Sprint to another by creating a “release” called “Current”.


3. Silverlight ComboBoxItem IsEnabled, SL5 Style

By Silverlight MVP Tony Champion| @tonychampion

In this article, Tony shows you how to disable a ComboBoxItem so that users can view all options, and can only select the available options.


4. Another Way to Kick-Start F# WPF Apps

By Visual F# MVP Daniel Mohl |@dmohl

Daniel shows you how to access his F# Empty WPF project template that can be used to kickstart F# WPF apps and more easily leverage the many available templates.


5. Creating E-Mail Alerts for Team Members in TFS

By Visual Studio ALM MVP Ed Blankenship |@edblankenship

Ed shows you around the administrator options for creating alerts for team members in TFS.


If you’re an MVP and would like your blog posts considered for our MVP Friday Five, please reach out to your MVP Lead or provide your URL in the comments section below!


Also, as the 2012 MVP Global Summit is quickly approaching, we’re looking for blogs stories from MVPs who are attending covering their experiences meeting and learning from other MVPs. If you plan on writing about your experiences at this year’s summit, please leave your blog Url in the comments section below!

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