Talking Cloud with SharePoint Server MVP Patrick Yong


SharePoint Server MVP Patrick Yong

From: Malaysia

Time as an MVP: 3 years

Blog: Patrick's Bytes


Which technical communities are you most active in?  and

How did you first start in community?

Started as an active forum participant in local UG

What's the best technical tip you have for implementing Cloud deployment?

Cloud app deployments require you to rethink your storage and database usages. You can no longer take your SQL Server and storage for granted, you have to plan where to best store them and how to optimize them for download. One strategy I use is that I store static pictures with local web hosting for better latency and cost, and have ASP.NET sessions store on Windows Azure Storage. But for apps with a global audient reach, I would consider using Windows Azure CDN for latency.

What do you tell people who are considering using the Cloud, but aren't sure about making the move?

As a developer, you can get an enterprise level web app and database running without knowledge of deploying them with high availability and scalability configuration.

What words of advice do you have for new MVPs?

The MVP Award Program is the venue for you to meet like-minded professionals with passion such as yours. I had grown a lot in terms of UG leadership.  Take part in local MVP meet ups organized by your MVP Lead and sign up for MVP Summit when possible!

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