MVP Friday Five: January 27, 2012

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for another MVP Friday Five. This week the posts featured are filled with technical content, including tips, how-to’s and step by step solutions.  These articles are just a few examples of the incredible content MVPs provide to the tech community each week!


1. Compile code entered at run time, execute it, and get the return result in C#

By Visual Basic MVP Rod Stephens | @CSharpHelper

In this post, Rod uses CodeDomProvider to compile text entered by the user and execute it, passing it a parameter and receiving a return result.


2. Dynamically Updating the CQWP ItemXslLink Property to Point to the Local Site Collection

By SharePoint Server MVP Becky Bertram | @beckybertram

Becky shows you how you can dynamicaly modify the content query web part's ItemXslLink property to point to an XSL file in your local site collection.


3. Geospatial Support for Circular Data in SQL Server 2012

By SQL Server MVP Leonard Lobel | @lennilobel

In this blog post, Leonard explores one of the enhancements SQL Server 2012 adds to the spatial support: support for curves and arcs (circular data).


4. Where’s my Tracking Toolbar?

By Project MVP Sam Huffman | @Sam_Huffman

Sam discusses some ways you can utilize the tracking tools available in Project 2010 to replace the Tracking Toolbar that was in Project 2007 including creating a tracking tab or tracking group.


5. A Smarter Infrastructure: Automatically filtering an EF 4.1 DbSet

By Windows Phone Development Matt Hidinger | @matthidinger

Matt shows how to solve an issue that would commonly be solved with a repository pattern using EF 4.1 code and building a smarter infrastructure.


If you’re an MVP and would like your blog posts considered for our MVP Friday Five, please reach out to your MVP Lead or provide your URL in the comments section below!

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