Talking Cloud with Windows Azure MVP Anton Staykov

Windows Azure MVP Anton Staykov

From: Bulgaria

Time as an MVP:  10 months



Which technical communities are you most active in?

MSDN Azure related forums and StackOverflow Azure tags


How did you first start in community?

By very actively participating at MSDN technical forums (with questions and mostly answers)


What's the best technical tip you have for implementing Cloud deployment?

IT’s actually about hybrid deployment. When using Azure Storage from non-Azure applications – such as WinForms/WPF or ConsoleApps- the default project template for those projects uses .net Framework Client Profile, within which one cannot use any of the Storage Client Library. You can learn more in my post on Windows Azure Storage Tips.


What do you tell people who are considering using the Cloud, but aren't sure about making the move?

I ask them: Are you (or your on-premise deployment) ISO 27001/2005 certified? Do you have a geo-replicated storage for major disaster recovery? Can you provision a SQL Server instance with a single click, within a blink of an eye? You don’t have to shut down your IT Pro department; you just need to educate them to use the Cloud. There is nothing more secure and reliable than the Cloud.


What words of advice do you have for new MVPs?

Don’t keep the knowledge for yourself. If you have solved a tough issue – share the experience! Help others.

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