MVP Friday Five: October 28, 2011

We’re excited about the five posts we have to offer you for this week’s MVP Friday Five! This week, many MVPs were talking about the Windows Phone, so we have posts from MVPs in four different technical expertise with their perspectives on the topic. All five posts have great tips and information that you expect from MVPs.


1. Window Phone APPortunities – Go Mango!

By Silverlight MVP Cigdem Patlak | @crocusgirl

In this post Cigdem provides an overview of the many Windows Phone content and developer opportunities out there. She also discusses the recently released Nokia Lumnia.


2. Using Bing Maps SOAP Services API in Windows Phone Application

By Visual C#: Engineering MVP Fahao Tang

In this article, Fahao shows several demos around Bing Maps SOAP Services. This article covers four services: Geocode Service, Imagery Service, Route Service and Search Service.


3. Video Import for Windows Movie Maker

By PowerPoint MVP Shawn Toh Liang Zhou

Shawn gives some tips on ways to easily convert video to a file type that Windows Movie Maker supports so that you can quickly and easily edit video without video-editing software.


4. Property Change Notification When Using SQL CE on Windows Phone 7.1

By Client App Dev: Development MVP Jérémy Alles | @japf

Jérémy shares a quick syntax trick he’s using to send property change notifications in a Windows Phone 7.1 application.


5. The Power of Windows Phone’s Shazam-like Music Search

By Zune MVP Marques Lyons | @tromboneforhire

Marques shares his experience testing out the Windows Phone music search and gives some tips for easily accessing the music later.


We are always looking for more MVP stories for our Friday Five series. If you’re an MVP and would like your blog posts considered for our MVP Friday Five, please provide your URL in the comments section below or reach out to your MVP Lead!







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