MVP Friday Five: October 21, 2011

Welcome to this week's MVP Friday Five, filled with more information, insight and instruction from MVPs! We have compiled five more stories that were published by MVPs this week covering a broad range of topics we hope you'll enjoy.


1. Community and Consulting: Is there Time for Both?

By Visual C#: Development MVP David Giard | @DavidGiard

In this article, David explains the benefits of contribution out in the technical community, even if it appears to take away from paid work.


2. RealWorldWPDev Part 4: The Panorama

By Windows Phone Development MVP Matt Hidinger | @MattHidinger

This post is part four of Matt’s series on walking through building a polished, functioning Windows Phone app from start to finish.


3. PASS Summit 2011 Highlights

By SQL Server MVP Kalen Delaney | @sqlqueen

Kalen discusses her experience as an attendee at PASS Summit 2011, including what she syas was the best part of the conference: the community.


4. Roslyn: InvokeActivity Using T4

By Platform Development: Development MVP Matthieu Mezil |@MatthieuMEZIL

Matthieu discussed how to encapsulate InvokeActivity into an Activity and how T4 metacode can use Roslyn in order to get method information.


5. Put Your SlideShare Presentations on Your Facebook Profile and Page

By PowerPoint MVP Ellen Finkelstein | @EFinkelstein

There’s a Facebook app called the SlideShare app that allows you display your SlideShare presentations on your Facebook profile, and in this blog post, Ellen gives you step by step instructions on how to use it.


We are always looking for more MVP stories for our MVP Friday Five series. If you’re an MVP and would like your blog posts considered for our MVP Friday Five, please reach out to your MVP Lead or provide your URL in the comments section below.

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