MVPs: Mark Your Calendars for the MVP Twitter Chat!

MVPs, mark your calendars! It’s time again for our online MVP Twitter chat.

On Thursday, October 20, from 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM (Pacific Time) we are inviting MVPs to join us online for our third MVP twitter chat. This chat is for new and veteran MVPs alike, but many of the questions that we’ll be asking are directed to help the newly awarded MVPs learn more about and network with the MVP community. At our last chat we had about 450 participants join us and saw about 1,500 tweets come through with our #MVPChat hashtag. It is a great opportunity to network with other MVPs, learn more about being an MVP and the MVP community!

How Can You Participate?

  • Follow @MVPChat, we’ll be moderating the chat from that account.
  • Log in to Twitter at 8:00 AM Pacific Time and follow the hashtag #MVPChat
  • Ask questions. We’ll be collecting questions from MVPs and asking them throughout the chat, so tweet your questions for the group with the hashtag #mvpchat or @MVPAward to have yours asked!
  • Answer questions. We’ll be tweeting questions with a Q and the question number (example Q4 for question four) throughout the chat. Whatch for these questions and provide your input, because who is more of an expert on what it’s like to be an MVP than you, the MVPs?
  • Network with other MVPs by posting introductions and comments from your own Twitter account; include the hash tag #mvpchat so your post is captured as part of the chat. 

Tips and Reminders for Participating

Keeping up with the #MVPChat hashtag in real time can be tricky. Use these sites to make it easier.

Worried about spamming your followers with tweets from the chat?

  • Start your tweets with @mvpchat and your followers will not see your tweets in their feed unless they are also following @mvpchat
  • Let your followers know you are in an #mvpchat for the next hour and your stream will be busy. 

Do You Have Questions for the MVP Chat?

In addition to asking questions during the event, we would love to hear your questions now! Please, leave your questions in the comments below and we’ll be collecting them for the chat. Then, tune in on October 20, 2011, for the answers.

We can’t wait to see you all there!

Comments (2)

  1. Leonard Lobel says:

    Hi, just thought of another question…

    My 90-day Azure trial expires soon; are there any special Azure subscription offers for MVPs?

    Thanks again!

    ~ Lenni

  2. Marcelo Sincic says:

    Please, details of MVP Summit.


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