BUILD Day #3 in Review According to MVPs

As the BUILD conference comes to a close, MVPs and other attendees are diving deeper into what the game changing announcements from the last couple of days really mean. We’ve captured some of the impressions from MVPs on Day 3 of BUILD so you can get these independent experts' point of view on the impact of Microsoft’s reimagining of Windows.

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Chris Klug: Silverlight MVP

Choosing Technology for Windows Development


David Pallmann: Windows Azure: Architecture MVP

Live from the BUILD Conference – Windows Server 8


Mike Halsey: Windows Expert- Consumer: Author MVP

Should you reinstate the Start Menu in Windows 8?


Ian Griffiths: Client App Dev MVP

Real Native WinRT Development


Gregory Renard: Windows Azure: Architecture

//Build/ Windows 8 : Quid du développeur … WinRT, Win32 ou .NET ?


Xamalgeek: Silverlight MVP

Follow up on //build

Windows and the new Metro UI

Dual boot with Windows 7 and Windows 8 (VHD)


Aidan Finn: Virtual Machine: Systems Administration MVP

Windows 8 Metro UI Internet Explorer 10 is Plugin Free Zone

How Many MICs for Clustered Windows Server 8 Hyper-V?

Looking Back on day 3 at Build Windows … Plus More!

Designing Systems for Continuous Availability – Multi-Node with Remote File Storage

Designing Systems for Continuous Availability – Multi-Node with Block Storage

Designing Systems for Continuous Availability and Scalability.

Enabling Multi-Tenancy and Converged Fabric for the Cloud Using QoS

Platform Storage Evolved



And here are some tweets that highlight the excitement MVPs are experiencing at BUILD pulled from our MVPs at BUILD 2011 twitter list.



Walt Ritscher

holy wow! The graphics tools in VS11 are fricking awesome. The shader visualizer is a new way of generating HLSL.

Maarten van Stam

what is new in .NET 4.5, room was full in no time... lot of interest with devs as it seems.#bldwin

Sasha Goldshtein

So you can build drivers in Visual Studio. Serious WOW moment!! #bldwin

Evan Hutnick

Still waiting for the "Oh Snap" reference from a presenter talking about the Metro Snap feature 🙂 #bldwin

Walt Ritscher

Wow, watching a new XBox game running 60fps on a standard laptop. Very smooth. XBox live for windows 8 #bldwin

Miguel Carrasco

I can't believe how fast Windows 8 boots. Seriously ridiculous.. Less than 2 seconds. From off...From off...

Dennis Vroegop

They made incorporating the search charm really easy. My data will be so much more useful with this technology #bldwin

Miguel Carrasco

"Everyone can make an App that is a share source. Other Apps can be targets and consume sources" #bldwin

Tony Champion

I have collected almost 60k tweets from #bldwin this week. Writing some search/filtering features so I can get a #pivotviewer running.

Miguel Carrasco

Learning about the "Devices" charm. Makes talking to devices extremely easy to use.

Raffaele Rialdi

There are even more updates almost ready after vs 11 release. i love continuous releases

Alex Thissen

Really cool: production debugging of ASP.NET web applications with IntelliTrace. Can be done from/on USB stick if you want to.

Marques Lyons

The "Windows 8 Update" site has some great pictures from yesterday's BUILD Blogger Bash. Check em out. #bldwin

Jeremy Thake

Ask the experts was awesome, just had questions answered by Azure team on WF! Happy camper! #bldwin


And for those of you who want to fully immerse yourself in the MVP experience at BUILD, you can find a more complete collection of our MVPs at BUILD 2011 twitter list below.





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