BUILD Day #1 in Review According to MVPs

BUILD: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of Microsoft’s BUILD conference in Anaheim, California. Thousands attended in person and many more tuned in online to see the detailed preview of the next major Windows release codenamed “Windows 8.” Since nobody knows the real-world impact of Microsoft products on the community like MVPS—we’ve started gathering a sampling of their blog posts and tweets as they experience BUILD. Take a look!


Mike Halsey: Windows Expert MVP

Windows 8 Developer Questions Answered

Windows 8, Much More than Metro


Jeremy Likness: Silverlight MVP

Windows 8 and Build Day 1 Keynote Thoughts


Michael Crump: Silverlight MVP

Bullet Points from Build-Day 1 and my thoughts


Ward Bell: Silverlight MVP

The BUILD Report #1: Sinfosky Keynote



Build Windows- Now We Know


Laurent Duveau: Silverlight MVP

The Wait is over


Chris Klug: Silverlight MVP

Build Windows Keynote Thoughts

Build Windows Day One Done and Dusted


Aidan Finn: Virtual Machine and Systems Administration MVP

Build Windows 2011: Keynote

Build Windows 2011: 8 Traits of Great Metrol Style Apps

First Impression of the Windows 8 Slate… with Hyper-V



We asked MVPs who were attending BUILD and wanted to be included in our MVPs at BUILD 2011 twitter list to tweet #bldwinmvp or let us know @MVPAward. The result? A list of 95 MVPs at the conference tweeting about their thoughts, questions and feelings about all things BUILD. Here are a few of our favorites that really highlight BUILD so far:

MVP Tweet
Jeremy Thake #bldwin keynote filling up! Lots of excited geeks awaiting Microsoft's vision for the future of PC @ //build
Christian Nagel Windows 8 is the reimagination of Windows, but everything that runs on Windows 7 runs on Windows 8 #bldwin
Laurent Bugnion OK that is sweet! Picture login screen for Windows 8, press on 3 areas of a picture to log in. #bldwin
Miguel Carrasco New start menu / desktop is incredibly beautiful. "Start Screen" is a unification of desktop, start, notifications, etc. Highly customizable
Rob Zelt Everybody's default win8 password is going to be head, shoulders, knees and toes? #bldwin #photopassword
Miguel Carrasco The entire interface is very minimalistic. I have to say it looks very clean and modern. #bldwin
Miguel Carrasco "Is there anything better than a "Chrome Free" browsing?" - Steven Sinofsky - Browser in Windows 8 has no chrome at all.
Manan Kakkar SPELLCHECK THROUGHOUT THE SYSTEM & AUTO CHECK! Windows 8, you've changed everything. #bldwin
CaffeinatedGeek Settings sharing across devices very interesting. Especially for us geeks with many devices. #bldwin
Steve Smith Having better app to app communication in #win8 is exciting. Moving beyond clipboard for app comms will be awesome
Miguel Carrasco Bold Move: All Metro Style Apps are written with any language you want. C, C++. C#, VB, JavaScript, HTML/CSS. #bldwin
Miguel Carrasco Let me say that again (for developers): .net is NOT .dead. You pick whatever language you want! #bldwin
Miguel Carrasco Microsoft essentially just brought .net to the slate party, leapfrogging iOS platform, dev tools, and user experience in a major way #bldwin
Bruce Johnson Big win!!! RT @andrewbrust: Expression Blend will now work with HTML5/CSS as well as XAML.
Steve Smith Yay for app store in windows, with easy access from visual studio. Finally. #Bldwin
Todd Anglin Deploy HTML apps to Windows Store directly from Visual Studio. #bldwin
Matt Milner Microsoft dev tools are hands down the best. Development on win 8 looks fun and great  tool support. #BldWin
Shy Cohen Publishing
  an app on the Windows Store is like waiting for Pizza 🙂 #bldwin
Miguel Carrasco Microsoft is being completely transparent on the app approval process. Huge win vs: Apple's controlling model. #bldwin
Miguel Carrasco
Personally, I think Expression Blend is the dagger through Apple and Androids platforms.  #bldwin Designers will have complete control.
Roberto Hernandez
All this HTML5 and Javascript has me smiling ear to ear! #bldwin #bldwinmvp
W. Kevin Hazzard
XAML says, "Rumors of my death have been highly exaggerated." #bldwin #mvpbuzz
Miguel Carrasco
400 Million devices you can target when Windows 8 launches. That's a lot of eyeballs. A platform that can't be ignored. #bldwin
Shy Cohen
Immediate boot! Hearing about it is one thing, but seeing it is just wow! #bldwin
Dan Holme
Microsoft has succeeded in something it's never done before... Kept a secret and done a reveal! Big big stuff! Great job MS! #bldwin
Vasu Jain
A reply to Macbook Air ? Superthin Acer Notebooks with Windows 8 #bldwin
Martina Grom
and now they will introduce and announce......the samsung slate #bldwin they made 5000 for all attendees
Shy Cohen
  support in the new Metro UI is even better than in Win7. Impressive #bldwin
Rick G. Garibay
#win8 is the 1st platform I've seen that lets you both play *and* get real work done with seamless transitions btw the two. Lines blurred.
David Pallmann
All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!! My high expectations were EXCEEDED! #bldwin
Anthony Borton
The @bldwin keynote did not disappoint. At first glance it appears MS have done a great job of Win 8. Looking forward to using it tonight.
Raffaele Rialdi
As far as I could see the beginnong of this Win8 story is stunning and awesome #bldwin. Platform is back!!!
Rick G. Garibay
Metro really is an evolution. It is the window through which our children will see the world. #bldwin
Josh Santangelo

~5,000 nerds stampeding for free unreleased hardware, beer, and pizza is more than a little terrifying. #bldwin
Jeremy Thake

It's like Xmas came early. Woot! Kid in a toy shop! Free windows 8 slate!!! #bldwin
W. Kevin Hazzard

My first tweet from my Windows 8 Samsung slate. So glad I didn't give in and get an iPad. Windows 8 FTW.
Miguel Carrasco

The future of computing has arrived, here is the one device to rule them all: #bldwin


And for those of you who are interested in a more comprehensive experience, we’ve included a more complete stream from our twitter list below.



Stay tuned the next couple days for more on BUILD from the MVP perspective!


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