New Book Brings Together More than a Dozen MVPs

A new book on discovering and understanding the Microsoft .NET 4 Framework has special meaning to our community. Real World .NET 4 and C# is a collaborative project created by real-world experts—in fact a whopping 15 MVPs contributed to its making.


Each MVP wrote a chapter, drawing from a particular area of expertise to provide valuable information on using various .NET 4, C# 4, Silverlight 4, and Visual Studio tools in real world applications. They cover topics such as Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight 4, Windows Communication Foundation, ASP.NET performance, and the entity framework.

Here’s an inside peak at the contents:

  • ASP.NET and jQuery, by C# MVP David Giard
  • ASP.NET Performance, by Visual Basic MVP Bill Evjen
  • Ethical Hacking ASP.NET, by ASP.NET MVP György Balássy
  • How to Build Real-World Silverlight Applications, by Silverlight MVP Gill Cleeren
  • Silverlight: The Silver Lining for Line-of-Business Applications, by Silverlight MVP Jeremy Likeness
  • Tips and Tricks for Designers and Developers: by Silverlight MVP Daron Yondem
  • MVVM Patterns in Silverlight 4, by Client Application Development MVP Kevin Grossnicklaus
  • Windows Phone Codenamed “Mango for Silverlight Developers, by Silverlight MVP Alex Golesh
  • Pragmatic Services Communication with WCF, by Windows Azure MVP Christian Weyer
  • Securing WCF Services Using the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF), by Development Security MVP Dominick Baier
  • .NET Parallel Programming with Task Parallel Library, by BizTalk MVP Jeff Juday
  • The WF Programming Language, by retired Solutions Architect MVP Vishwas Lele
  • Practical WPF Data Binding, by C# MVP Christian Nagel
  • Driving Development with User Stories and BDD, by ASP.NET\IIS MVP Scott Millett
  • Unit Testing, by Caleb Jenkins ASP.NET\IIS

Congratulations to all the contributors!


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  1. Ashraful Alam says:

    Very cool idea…I had a big wish to write book, but couldnt manage time. I am sure lots of MVPs will show interest to write books jointly and when a book is written with dozens of MVPs, guess what it will be a master piece!

  2. Trevor de Koekkoek says:

    Any development book with rowing on the cover must be good!  I'll have to check it out!

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