MVPs Help Others Play Hard at Rehabilitation

There are a lot of stories right now about developers using  Xbox Kinect technology to create a whole range of innovative designs and solutions (for an example, see this post about MVPs in Australia “hacking” Kinect). MVPs in Korea, however, recently contributed to community in a different way—offering their expertise in Xbox Kinect to give people with severe disabilities the opportunity to use the Xbox 360 with a Kinect sensor to enjoy sports games they never imagined they’d be able to play.

It started with the gift of an Xbox Kinect from Microsoft Korea to the Korean Institute of the Disabled for Independent Living. The folks at the Institute saw the rehabilitation possibilities offered by the technology and came up with the idea for a contest. Microsoft MVPs, including Xbox experts, volunteered as event staff to help contestants.

The result of the contest went far beyond anything either Microsoft Korea or the Institute expected. From bowling to boxing, the participants became immersed in the games, competing enthusiastically surrounded by the audience and volunteers cheering and applauding.

In the end two Xbox 360 consoles were awarded as prizes: one to an organization supporting people with disabilities and one for an individual winner who showed outstanding effort. The prizes were awarded by an amazing man who lies in bed operating a computer with his eyes, and who has just graduated Yonsei University.

Congratulations to all the participants—and a special thank you to the MVPs who continually step in and exemplify the spirit of community!

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  1. Chan Kwon says:

    MVPs in Korea… a very different kind of animals… they are really impatient… they don't tolerate when they see people in needs. Since 2010, I started working with them for accessibility to help people with various difficulties and now they show unbelievable enthusiasm. Kinect events are just some fun examples. This Tuesday, there were 10 high school students who visited Microsoft Korea office. Again, I provided Kinect time (sponsored by IEB! ^^) and they enjoyed a lot without any fear. Of course, one of Korea MVPs was there with me. Those students were people with visual difficulties, 2 of them were totally blind but he had all laughing and smile after playing Kinect. Kudos to Microsoft and to MVPs! I love you, Korea MVPs!!!!!

  2. Chan Kwon says:

    Korea MVPs are a very different species, or animals who are really impatient, especially when they witness something bad and somebody seems in needs.

    Their passion and enthusiasm always made them jump in and engage deeply and thoroughly.

    This Tuesday was another big day. About 10 high school students visited MS Korea office and I provided Kinect time sponsored by IEB. At first, they hesitated as they couldn't believe they could enjoy Kinect as many of them were weak vision and 2 of them were totally blind. However, there was a MVP again who ran that Kinect time in a quite well-organized manner.

    The result? No doubt, another small human history began… they jumped, running and punching, shouted, throwing, crying with fun and thrilled excitement… Kudos to MVPs, I love you Korea MVPs!!!!!

  3. Jim Glass Jr says:

    MVPs are a force to be admired and emulated. Kudos.

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