In Major Gamer Magazine, Mark Libman Answers the Question: What the Heck is An MVP?

Xbox MVP and OzBoxLive’s executive producer Mark Libman earned a full-page spread in this month’s Xbox 360 Magazine Australia/New Zealand, where he describes what it means to him to be an MVP.

He recounts his trip to the recent MVP Global Summit. “I met MVPs from other products such as Windows and Microsoft Office, but also fellow Xbox MVPs from around the globe. This is the moment that changed my life!” He calls meeting Frank O’Connor (343 Industries), as well as  Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, Larry Hryb, and other employees who inspired him to start his site, “a very humbling experience.”

The article features photos of Mark and fellow Xbox MVPs at the MVP Global Summit.

You can also take a look at Mark and some of his fellow gamers talking about being an MVP when we caught up with them at Summit!

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