MVP Open Day Canada – May 27, 2011

Guest post by Microsoft MVP Lead Simran Chaudhry

 This year’s MVP Open Day for the Canadian MVPs was held at the Microsoft Headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario.  This was an invite only event for all of the MVPs in Canada to show our appreciation for their continued support and leadership of technical communities.

Eighty MVPs had the chance to spend the whole day with fellow MVPs and key stakeholders from the local subsidiary including Audience Marketing Managers and the entire Evangelism Team.  The event was structured to include information from the MVP Team, DPE & various technical sessions on new and exciting products including Windows Live (Consumer), Office 365, Virtualization & Private Cloud (IT Pro) and Windows Azure (Developer).  The Canadian MVP team partnered with the Canadian DPE team to share their FY12 Plans with the MVPs and get their feedback on them.  The day also included a guest speaking appearance by Gladstone Grant, the VP of DPE in Canada.

MVP Open Day in Canada 2011

The after event social was a great success and many MVPs attended and enjoyed a Toronto Blue Jays Baseball game.  An opportunity for our MVPs and local sub stakeholders to socialize in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The day was a huge success with lots of positive feedback from both Microsoft Canada and our MVPs.  

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