MVPs for SharePoint 2010: Office 365: SharePoint Online & Instant Extranets

Editor's Note: The following is a guest post by SharePoint Server MVP Kris Wagner as part of the MVP Award Program Blog's "MVPs for SharePoint" series. Kris Wagner, SharePoint Server MVP, MCITP, MCTS is a Sr. business solutions architect for Synteractive. Kris focuses on cloud technologies, BI and designing solutions using SharePoint. Kris is an author, SharePoint evangelist, speaker, and blogger. Kris lives in Chicago and you can find him on his blog ( and on Twitter @sharepointkris.

SharePoint Online comes with several amazing features and here I’ll cover SharePoint’s Extranet feature. Office 365 and SharePoint Online now allows  companies to truly collaborate with external users who are not apart the organization.

SharePoint Online enterprise customers can create instant extranets with none of the major cost considerations  associated with traditional on permise solutions (hardware, secuity and consulting)  . The extranet cababilies built into SharePoint Online will save your company money, that’s the bottom line here. SharePoint Online makes it simple
to collaborate and share. 

External User Invitations:

First enable to External Users in the SharePoint Online Administration Center for the site collection you want to share, clickManage Share By Email” and clickAllow” and the head over to your site collection. 

Open “Site Settings”, under “Site Collection AdministrationclickSite collection features”. 

Find the “External user invitations” feature and clickActivate” to turn the feature on. 

ClickSite Actions” and then clickShare Site” (Invite new users to your site).

Add the new users email address to the Visitors or Members groups by typing it in, add a message and change the subject if you want and clickShare”. 

The next screen confirms you’ll be sharing access to the SharePoint Online site, clickOk”.

Next the user receives an email invitation that looks like, asking them to accept their invitation. 

When the user clicksAccept your Invitation!” they’ll surf to a sign in page and need to either use a Live/Hotmail account or use a Microsoft Online Services ID (if they have one).

Instant SharePoint Online Extranet with external user support for SharePoint Online, workflow and collaboration!   Line I said, SharePoint Online makes it simple to save money.

Comments (5)

  1. felix says:

    friends its really awesome esp. for USA,UK and Germany's friend

  2. Ian Loman says:

    Thanks Lonnie. What are the licencing implications of sharing the site, do they need a SharePoint online subscription?

  3. Phil says:

    Did not work:

    I followed all steps and sent (and received) a valid invitation to a non-online ID.

    It opened the proper dual login page and I clicked on Hotmail.

    I signed in with the "invited" account and was blocked from viewing the sharepoint site.

    It said "invalid userid for this site".

  4. Kris Wagner says:

    Ian…Setting up an extranet user will consume a license from your account when sharing externally.  So setting up a user in the administration center and sharing a site with a new user consumes the same number of users.

  5. Kris Wagner says:

    Pil – I’ve seen this as well and have reported it to the 365 team.  Since the product is still in beta there’s a chance it could just be a small hiccup that will be addressed by the go live date next week.   You could go in and look for the user and make sure the Hotmail account was already added.   There's also a live SharePoint Chat tomorrow where you can come ask the experts.…/aa497438.aspx

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