With the Help of MVPs, Microsoft Beats Out Apple in Customer Support

Just checking—did everyone see this week’s Business Insider report touting Microsoft’s customer support as three times better than Apple’s?

If not, here’s a wrap up—On Tuesday, Business Insider revealed the results of its head-to-head comparison between Microsoft’s and Apple’s web-based customer support. Writer Mark Fidelman analyzed five categories and reported this result:

Microsoft is the clear winner with a 3-1-1 (win, tie, loss) outcome.  Which for our purposes is a 3X victory for Microsoft. 

One of our favorite findings came in the Community Driven, Social Support category: “The key to Microsoft’s social support is their MVP Program, its social recognition program for active support users, and its Questions and Answers site… According to Toby Richards, Microsoft’s General Manager of Communities and Online Support, these MVPs are thirty times more active than the average user. ”

For his research, Mark met with executive teams from both companies. In addition to Toby, he spoke with Microsoft corporate vice president Barbara Gordon and concluded, “given how open Barbara and other team members are with answering questions and listening to feedback, it appeared to me that Microsoft is constantly checking the pulse of their support communities to ensure they are providing best-in-class customer support. Seems like the better approach.”

You can read the full article here: http://www.businessinsider.com/why-microsoft-is-3x-better-than-apple-for-customer-support-2011-5#ixzz1NHJZDiD2

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