Donate Your Swag! MVP Organizes Bag Drive for Tornado Victims

SQL MVP Robert Cain has found the perfect use for all those backpacks and bags most of us have stuffed in the corner of a closet—donate them to displaced tornado victims. Robert lives in Alabama, which was one of the states hit by the recent rash of tornados that devastated parts of the southern United States.

“Many people have been stranded with nothing,” said Robert. “We personally had two friends whose houses were damaged. One of them came home to find a concrete slab on his property where his house used to be.”

At a donation center, Robert was told they have a big need for duffle bags, luggage—anything victims can use to carry belongings. “People are getting clothes, but have nothing to put them in,” said Robert. “I’ve got quite a few backpacks from events I’ve attended that I’ve dug out to donate, along with some of those cloth Wrox bags that members of the community put swag in for SQL Saturdays. It occurred to me many of us probably have attended a lot of events and have more of these backpacks or bags than we know what to do with.”

Robert is inviting anyone who has spare bags to send them to him and he’ll get them to a donation center.

Find out how to donate your bags and read more at Robert’s blog:

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