MVP Mondays: A Look Back

Guest post by community program manager, Melissa Travers.

It was almost one year ago that we started our series called “MVP Mondays”.  As part of this ongoing series, we post MVP authored content on the MVP Award Program blog each Monday.  Let’s take a look at how this series has evolved!


It was late April 2010, and everyone at Microsoft was getting excited about the upcoming launch of Office and SharePoint 2010.  Our MVPs were as excited about this product launch as we were, especially those MVPs awarded in Office and SharePoint.  I wanted to find a way to generate some of this enthusiasm within the broader technical community while helping to educate our customers on the cool new features in these products.  The MVPs were the perfect ones to do just that.  Tapping into the “2010” theme, we began what we called “10 Days for Office/SharePoint 2010” which kicked off in May the day of our product launch. 


Since MVPs enjoy helping our customers so much it was no surprise that I had more than 10 MVPs offering to author content for the series.  Additionally the Office Product team was cross posting the 10 days series on their blog The Microsoft Office Blog.  They loved it so much that they were happy to hear we were planning to do a “Beyond 10 Days” series known as “MVPs for Office and SharePoint 2010” which we published each Monday through the end of the calendar or launch year.


The series turned out to be quite popular.  So why not highlight some of our other products and amazing MVPs?   In January 2011 the MVP Award Program created a new MVP Award expertise for Office 365.  I thought it would be an excellent idea to introduce our inaugural group of Office 365 MVPs with a “meet the MVPs” feature on our blog and a series of MVP authored Office 365 content.  Then in March and April of this year, we continued with a series on Windows Phone 7. 


Tomorrow we are re-publishing one of our most popular articles from Office System MVP Stephanie Krieger called “Save Time and Create Incredible Content with Word 2010”. Next Monday, we will be back with new content kicking off a segment on SharePoint and SharePoint Online.  On behalf of the MVP Award Program, we hope you have enjoyed our MVP Mondays’ series and we look forward to publishing ongoing content from MVPs in a variety of Microsoft product areas or expertise.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the 34 MVPs from around the world who have contributed such fantastic articles and fans of our blog who have made MVP Mondays such a success!  The MVPs that have contributed to this series are listed below.

To view the article written by each MVP, please click on the MVPs name.


MVPs for Windows Phone 7 (March – April 2011)

Adam Lein

Kevin Wolf

Todd Ogasawara

Trent McMurray (2nd Article)

Wei-Meng Lee


MVPs for Office 365 (Jan –Mar 2011)

Arnaud Alcabez

Brett Hill

Chad Mosman

Daniel Trautman

Martina Grom

Myles Jeffery

Zoltan Zombory


MVPs for Office and SharePoint (July – Dec 2010)

Andrew Lavinsky

Bill Jelen

Clayton Cobb

Echo Swinford

Glenna Shaw

Julie Terberg

Kathy Jacobs

Ludovic Lefort

Robert Sparnaaij

Ron de Bruin

Stephanie Krieger

Tim Runcie

10 Days for Office and SharePoint 2010:  (May

Bill Raymond (2nd Article) (3rd Article)

Brian Farnhill

Dave Parker

Diane Poremsky

Doug Robbins

Glen Lloyd

Glen Millar

Karen McCall

Nate Oliver

Razi bin Rais

Stephanie Krieger


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