MVPs for Windows Phone 7: Out of Box Experience – Windows Live ID and the Benefits to Having One For Your Windows Phone 7

Editor's Note: The following is a guest post by Windows Phone MVP Trent
 as part of the MVP Award Program Blog's "MVPs for
Windows Phone 7" series. Trent is the owner of LAMARCOMM, LLC, a
mobile solutions company that provides everything from Mobile Proximity
Application solutions to a National Online Retailer for all
the major wireless carriers in the United States. Trent was an early
evangelist of the Windows Mobile Platform helping customers and users with
solutions and applications for their Windows Mobile devices. Trent contributes
to the community through the Windows VIP forum and has recently taken on the
project of his newest website
. Which helps uses with "How To's" and FAQ's dedicated to Windows

Being in the mobile retail business for over 10 yrs.,
helping customers and clients stay connected with their mobile devices became
the way I do business to this day. But things are changing swiftly in the
smartphone space. And when it comes to setting up your new Windows Phone, it
could not be easier, using your Windows Live ID (which I will explain in detail) to setup and configure your
Windows Phone 7. Using a Windows Live ID will bring many benefits, features and
services that will help you stay more connected than ever.


When I first encountered Windows Phone 7 for the first time
it literally took me less than 5 minutes to set up the device using my Windows
Live ID and experiencing all the services and benefits that come along for a
great mobile experience.


When you first turn on a Windows Phone 7 you are greeted
with a step by step setup wizard that will have you up and running in no time. 


1. The Microsoft “legalize” terms of use – click
accept and keep on moving.


2. Windows Phone Settings


- This setting automatically enables cellular data transmissions. It also
automatically signs up customers to send information to help improve Windows

Custom - this setting allows customers to select the setting of their choice.
Customers without data coverage can make changes here. If you have a data plan
just click recommended


next step may be a little tricky to a new user or user that does not have a
Windows Live ID or fully understand what a Windows Live ID is:


3. Sign in with a Windows Live ID – Here you have a
few options that you can choose from, but choose carefully! A Windows Live ID
is an email (usually free) hosted by Microsoft. The most popular ones are
Hotmail or if you already one of these accounts sign in using the
email address and password you have. If you do not have an account, Microsoft
has made it easy and allows you create on right on the device!


If you choose to skip signing in or creating an
account at this time, you cannot take full advantage of the free services and
rich features Windows Phone 7 has to offer. (Although
you can go back and sign in with a Live ID later)
. But doing so from the
beginning gives the user a much smoother first time experience with Windows
Phone 7. 



Once the setup wizard is complete
your new Windows Phone 7 is ready to go. You can now take advantage of the free
Cloud Services Microsoft has incorporated into Windows Phone 7. Such as
SkyDrive – that gives you 25 gigs of free online storage for all the great photos
you will be taking with your new Windows Phone 7.


That is one of many great benefits
to having a Windows Live ID. You now have access to that email all the time and
anywhere you go! You will also notice that the email account associated with
your Windows Live ID is configured and a live tile for that email account is on
the start screen of your device!


Now you can use that same Windows
Live ID to create your Zune account and Xbox Live account if you do not already
have these accounts created! I have found it very easy using the same live ID
account for all the services Microsoft offers that require a Live ID to be
associated with them. That way I do not have to remember different email
addresses and passwords.


Also once you log into your Windows
Live ID via your PC ( or to name two. You can take
advantage of automatic syncing of the contacts to your Windows Phone 7 device
as you add them from your PC and vice versa. There are many ways to get your
contacts to your new Windows Phone 7 if you have more places you keep them on
your PC. But the true benefit to a “Different Kind of Phone” is the benefit of
understanding and using your Windows Live ID as the key to your new Windows
Phone device.


You can learn more about Windows Live ID and
many more features and services for your Windows Phone 7 from my website:
Where “We Help Simplify Your Experience” using your new Windows Phone device.

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