MVP Hosts Hot Kids CodeCamp

Visual C# MVP Joseph Guadagno is helping take CodeCamps to a whole new level—the kid level. Specifically designed for the 8 – 15 crowd, Joseph worked with Microsoft developer evangelist Lynn Langit and members of the DPE team to create and deliver a full day track of Teaching Kids Programming at the Desert CodeCamp in Phoenix, Arizona.

“It was a big success,” reported Joseph. “We had about 100 kids and all the parents I spoke with were tremendously grateful to be able to participate in a family event and access this kind of content for their kids. I felt that if we provided free content, we could spark interest in technology in our youth since most of the local schools do not provide this opportunity for our kids.”

Joseph first offered programming content for kids at a CodeCamp three years ago, and then tapped Lynn to help deliver a full-day curriculum.

The Phoenix Teaching Kids Programming camp was “the most extensive effort to date at a CodeCamp,” said Lynn in her excellent blog post describing the event.

Joseph is encouraging MVPs in other communities to pick up the mantel and begin delivering this kind of content. For his part, he’s planning to organize another Teaching Kids Programming camp next November.

Below is a list of the sessions offered at the recent Kids CodeCamp.

Track 1: Run by local volunteer Mike Benner
Intro to Mindstorms (Ages 8+)
Mindstorms Motion (Ages 8+)
Mindstorms Programming Flow (Ages 8+)
Scratch 101 (Ages 6+)
Scratch Messaging (Ages 8+)
Using simple electronics to make noise!

Track 2: Run by Lynn and volunteers
SmallBasic 1 (ages 10+)
Kodu Workshop I of II
Kodu Workshop II of II (ages 5+)
SmallBasic 2 (ages 10+) Advanced Drawing
Insulting SQL (ages 10+)
SmallBasic 3 (ages 10+) Games

Track 3: Boy scout badge earning sessions


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