MVPs at Microsoft India TechEd 2011

Guest post by Abhishek Kant.

“As I’m part of the MVP
community, one great opportunity in Tech Ed is to meet the experts via the
Roundtable conferences. I was part of some high energy conversations with Jason
Zander , Yousef Khalidi, Rajiv Kumar (MS IDC Hyderabad) etc. Some of the information
you get via these conversations are under NDA ;). Also, during the
conversations with Jason and Yusuf, I realized how seriously Microsoft takes
the input from the community.
Anoop Madhusudhnan, MVP, Client App Development

Microsoft TechEd India 2011 was held from March 23 – 25, 2011 at Bangalore last
month and was attended by 3276 attendees and about 160K online viewers.

All South Asia MVPs were
invited to attend the TechEd and were offered free entry to the event (a
significant cost saving). A total of 32 MVPs chose to attend the biggest
technology conference in the region and 10 MVPs were speakers at the TechEd India

A number of MVP activities were conducted
at TechEd India that included feedback sessions with executives, community
networking party and “Meet the MVP” sessions.


Executive Roundtables

MVPs and community leaders
were given exclusive privilege to attend intimate roundtables with Microsoft
executives from the Redmond and IDC, Hyderabad. These 6 roundtables were an
opportunity for the executives to talk about upcoming products and vision of
specific technologies with the MVPs, and to take home feedback and community
best practices.




The roundtables held included:

  • Yousef Khalidi, Distinguished Engineer,
  • Brian Hall, General Manager, IE & Windows Live
  • Bharat Shyam, General Manager, RD - Developer Experience,
  • Ramkumar Pichai, General Manager, Customer &
    Partner Experience, Microsoft
  • Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Visual Studio, Microsoft
  • Rajiv Kumar, General Manager, IDC-Hyderabad, Microsoft

in a roundtable with Yousef Khalidi ... Amazing Discussions... This makes
#techedin worth it ...
- Muqeet Khan, MVP,


“Meet the MVPs” Session

On the first day at TechEd, MVPs and
community leaders got together with Microsoft evangelists to talk about
technical communities, best practices, issues they face, and the expected
support from Microsoft. The session was attended by 45 people, including DPE
evangelists, MVP Program team, and INETA folks.


  • Evangelists: Ramprassana Chellamathu, Pinal Dave, Harish
  • INETA: Sanjay Shetty

Community Networking Party

On the second day at TechEd India, MVPs and
community leaders were invited to a community party jointly hosted by DPE,

Apart from a lot of networking, we saw sharing of best practices amongst
various community leads.



This was my first in-person TechEd event
and it was really marvelous. Your effort to coordinate with various MVP and
Product Team Leads is highly appreciated.  
- Kamlesh Rao

Comments (3)

  1. Lohith says:

    Abhishek Kant,

    Sir it was indeed a pleasure meeting you at #TechEdIn. Great lounge talks we had and i take this opportunity to thank you for all the round tables that i could attend.

    Excellent logistics overall.

    Thanks once again



  2. Ayyappan says:

    It was a really awesome experience – Tech Ed 2011.

  3. abhi2434 says:

    It was fun and best thing is networking.

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