Russian GM speaks at MVP Organized MCP Meeting

Boasting more than 35 attendees, the Krasnoyarsk Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) club meeting was a huge success. MCP club leader and Virtual Machine MVP Mikhail Komarov teamed up with the Russian DPE team to gather and organize all the participants and proposed topics for the meeting.

Russian GM, Nikolay Pryanishnikov, was in attendance and spoke along with other heads of government in Krasnoyarsk.

Nikolay's report was dedicated to trends in the modern IT market and the development of IT technologies in Russia. He spent time highlighting new ways of developing of IT business in Russia and the spoke about the Moscow School of Management (Skolkovo) which trains business leaders to apply professional skills in dynamically developing markets, and to help lead the development of the Russian economy.  Attendees found this tremendously interesting and fascinating!

Russian GM,
Nikolay, presents a cake with the MCP logo on it to the MCP club. 

Mikhail spoke about virtualization and Virtual Home Laboratories, and user group lead in Krasnoyarsk, Vadim Kupovyh, gave an engaging report on IE9.


Mikhail recalls the visit of Nikolay:


“It made a great impression on the members of the MCP club and the user group. The attention of Microsoft's leadership towards MCP clubs is highly important for future development of IT specialists!” 


He continued, “They see a real chance to meet in person and ask questions to the chief executive of Microsoft Russia and value it greatly. For them, such meetings demonstrate their significance to the Russian community in general and show each voice of the community can be heard!"


In this region of Russia there are very few MVPs. Such meetings inspire the community members and show them how essential their role in the community is.  Hopefully we will see new MVPs in Russia soon!


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