Reaching out to our MVPs in Japan

By Nestor Portillo, director, Community and Online Support, Microsoft. For the English translation, please scroll to the bottom of this post.











- 皆さんのご支援ありがとうございます!




out to our MVPs in Japan


We have
been monitoring the situation and are deeply concerned about the devastating
impact caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last week. We want to
share that as of today, our Japanese MVP team was able to successfully contact
many of our Japanese MVPs. They and their families are okay, and we are very
grateful. We’re closely watching the situation in Japan as it continues to
unfold, and we hope that everyone is and remains safe.


We are
still trying to get in touch with some MVPs living close to the city of Sendai
and at the northern coastal area of Miyagi prefecture as communications are
slowly getting restored. However the good news is that they are okay based on
some tweets and Facebook posts coming from those MVPs!


current situation is very complicated and several disaster relief agencies and
nongovernment organizations are now working with Japanese authorities to assist
people affected by the earthquake.


community members, the MVP program team is not only very concerned with the
situation but also actively looking to provide support to our MVPs and the
community in general. Microsoft Corp and Microsoft Japan already have mobilized
resources and people to provide customers, partners and lead response agencies
with the capabilities they need to hasten an effective response, reinvigorate
the community and ultimately help save lives.  


Many of
you have asked about our Japanese MVPs. We know they value your interest,
prayers and desire to help—so thank you very much for your support!


thoughts and prayers are with all the people living in Japan in these difficult
moments. We have confidence that with the help of the wider community, they
will overcome the hardships of this terrible disaster. 



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  1. Mike Crowley, Exchange Server MVP, Washington DC says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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