MVPs Keep Diving Deep at MVPNation

Former MVP, and current SMBNation
CEO, Harry Brelsford saw an opportunity at the approach of this year’s MVP
Global Summit. “Where else in the world would you see this level of expertise
gathered in one place?” he asked. That was the beginning of MVPNation, which gathered business
leaders, members of the community and—of course—MVPs for two very full days of
deep dive sessions into technology and business building immediately following
the MVP Summit. According to Harry, only roughly 10% of the participating MVPs
were local to the Puget Sound region—and 25% of the 100 MVPs in attendance
served as speakers. We grabbed some footage to give you a feel for the event.
Take a look!

Comments (1)

  1. Rolly Perreaux says:

    I was one of the speakers at the MVP Nation conference (and Microsoft MVP), I can tell you that the conference was a great success. Harry Brelsford and his staff was amazing organizing this conference in a very short time frame.

    Great sessions, speakers, sponsors, location and food.

    All the ingredients to making a great conference!

    I would strongly encourage the MVP Program to work with Harry for next year's conference to make it even better.

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