MSMVP Event: Bringing Exceptional Expertise to the Local Store

events are gaining momentum and as they sweep across the west coast, and what
better than to take over Microsoft’s newest retail store in Bellevue,
Washington-right before the biggest MVP conference of the year! Perfect timing?
I’d say better than perfect timing. Not only will MSMVP lead – Marques Lyons be hosting this event, there are already 64
confirmed attendees, most who are MVPs and key community leaders.


event is taking place on Saturday, February 26th at 6:00pm
. MSMVP events are known for offering demos, presentations,
and great giveaways! MVPs will be bringing their exceptional level of expertise
to the local store, proving they are serious and passionate about customers and the community.

participating MVPs represent multiple Microsoft technologies including Xbox,
Zune, and SQL Server. Attendees will have
the opportunity to connect wi
th members of
the Microsoft MVP community and discuss the latest technology innovations.

MSMVP events are all about bringing the community together with
MVPs. These events provide the community the
chance to get face to face, real-time advice, assistance
and guidance for
the Microsoft technologies they currently use or are
interested using.

During the past year we saw 3
MSMVP events
: these took place at Mission Viejo,
; San Diego, CA and Scottsdale, AZ stores

and during these events an average of 
50-60 enthusiastic community members connected one on one
with MVPs representing various technologies
. More events are being planned
this year.

Make sure to visit the MSMVP Facebook event page for the February 26th event. If
you want more information about MSMVP and upcoming MSMVP events in your area
please visit the MSMVP


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