2011 MVP Summit Neighborhood Tour

We are very excited to see
all of the MVPs that are traveling to the Seattle/Bellevue area in February! Yesterday, I headed
out to Bellevue to gain a fresh perspective of the city. I brought my camera
with me to highlight some of the neighborhood and help familiarize you with
some fun places around town.  There are big shopping centers, restaurants,
pubs and numerous activities to experience while you are here. Make sure to
stay connected with all things MVP Summit on our MVP Global Summit 2011 blog.

I hope you enjoyed this small tour around the place we call home!

Comments (6)
  1. Kevin Griffin says:

    I can't wait!  This is my first summit, and I'm looking really forward to meeting a ton of new people and seeing the sights!

  2. Michael Jenkin says:

    Have fun guys. I miss the MVP summits. They were a fantasti expeariance. SBS MVP 2004-2008

  3. Brian says:

    great video thanks for the intro, we want more!

  4. Erdal says:

    will be there very soon 🙂

  5. David Scammell says:

    My first Summit, but my second time at Microsoft in Bellevue. Very excited and looking forward to meeting and making new friends!

    Cool! The Microsoft Store! I liked the Windows Phone 7 displays up front.  😉

  6. Nina Meiers says:

    Hi – I'm an outgoing MVP who's coming to the event however, I am still invited, so I said yes, and my husband and grandson will be at the HYATT Bellvue.  We are thrilled as it's part of our one month stay in the US.   A great program, wonderful people, and an excellent event I'm sure.

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