Tech-Ed Africa: MVP Engagement was Outstanding!


Known as
Microsoft’s flagship event in Africa, MVPs flew in from around the world to
make their presence known at Tech-Ed Africa. Delivering over 25% of the
sessions, MVPs helped
drive advocacy around exciting, emerging Microsoft
technologies, including Windows Phone 7 and Cloud computing at an event that featured 211 technical sessions, 13 lunch
box sessions, 53 whiteboards and 19 Instructor-led hotlabs.


Altogether 142 speakers, and 62 Microsoft team members, gave testament to why Tech-Ed
South Africa is renowned as a major Microsoft event.



Client App Dev MVP Tim Huckaby summed it up, “After 13
straight years of speaking at TechEd’s all over the world, I can only declare
one as checked off my ‘bucket list.’ Tech-Ed South Africa was that
one. Great people, great place, great event.  I cannot wait to come


The enthusiasm didn’t stop there.  MVPs judged the DevIdols, conducted interviews
and whiteboard sessions, and even encouraged engagement between delegates and
key community influencer's in the community lounge.




Enterprise Security MVP Andy Malone was thrilled about his experience, “I had a
fantastic time at Tech-Ed Africa 2010. Durban is an amazing, vibrant city with very
welcoming people. In terms of the event I was blown away with delegate
feedback, outstanding sessions and a great exhibition hall.”



and the technical community experienced an
outstanding showcase of MVP
engagement at Tech-Ed Africa.

Comments (3)

  1. Robert MacLean says:

    Spotted in the photos:

    Photo 1: Jaco from the excellant 6 degrees of code user group and it looks like he is talking to Microsoft Guru Bart de Smet

    Photo 1: I think that is the back of ALM MVP Zayd Kara's head at the bottom

    Photo 2: ALM MVP Robert MacLean (me)

    Photo 3: Jaco and Bart again

    Photo 3: Windows Client App MVP Rudi Grobler using a Poken to share his details

    Photo 4: The community lounge team with Dave Coates on far left and Irwan De Beer on far right

  2. Ruari says:

    Rob, you were just everywhere!! and don't forget about Minkey!

  3. Zlatan Dzinic says:

    Hey, but where am I here!? Was I the only one missed?

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